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Thursday, 12 May 2016

RELEASED: The Scroll (The First Day)


The Scroll has finally been released. You can read more about it and grab the files from here:- http://neverwinterva...2/module/scroll

There are a total of FIVE compressed files containing all the data you will need to install and play (as long as you own NWN2 and both expansions). Please follow the installation instructions carefully, and use the Quickstart Guide (contained within the Information.rar file) to ensure you have installed everything correctly and that the game starts as it should.

NOTE: Regrettably, no MAC beta tester was able to get this module to work on their computer. If you are a MAC user and succeed, then please report back to me so that I can update the instructions advising how other MAC users can install and play the module.


I have to recognise that some minor issues will still remain in this final release, and wanted to encourage players to report anything they may find, so that I can address them as required. NOTE: I will update this post with issues found and inform you when they are fixed. However, no patch will be uploaded unless the issue is game-breaking. Therefore, some issues will remain in place until either a ) A game breaking issue is reported, or b ) A significant amount of time has passed allowing all to be reported. At which time, a patch will be uploaded for current players, and the main files updated.

To this end, I will start an "issue" list, detailing the date discovered and what the issue is. When the issue is covered in a patch, it will be struck through.


5/5/16 - The wording "Map Pins" is used to describe part of the Main Menu in an opening GUI. This is no longer an appropriate description. (FIXED v1.01)
5/5/16 - The Main PC was not being issued any starting gold. (Other created PCs were OK.) (FIXED v1.01)


LATEST PATCH DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (CURRENT v1.01) (65 KB): http://neverwinterva...1.rar&nid=22258

Any patch file added as a download is only required if your version of the module is lower than the patch version. i.e. If you are only just downloading the latest version of the module to play now, then you will NOT require any new patch file at this stage, as your download will already contain the latest scripts. However, once installed, it is *VERY IMPORTANT* to make sure your game is always patched to the latest version. Therefore, keep track of the current patch version in case it is higher than your current module version. Note that the hak patch only addresses essential game-breaking bugs, which are mostly campaign ( C ) scripts. Any module ( M ) fixes, considered non-essential, are only updated for the latest module version uploaded. The differences in the module files should be overlooked by the player unless they are prepared to restart The Scroll completely afresh with the latest files, which would not be worth the time already played for the small differences they might make on a restart.

INSTALLATION: Simply download, unpack and replace the existing althea_patch.hak with this latest version before restarting NWN2. The latest version will always include previous patches and be backward compatible.

VERIFICATION: When you reload your latest saved game, the module should welcome you again, and inform you of the latest patch update. This figure can also be found from the Althéa Main Menu ("Rule Information" section).


v1.01 - Fixed containers ( C ). Fixed licquor cabinets & light flicker ( M ).

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Beta Testing (Last Entry)

Finally, I have reached the end of my own beta testing. Or rather, I have reached a point where I am satisfied that further beta testing will not be worth the time compared to being able to release the module. This I did yesterday: 4th May 2016 ... or 4, 5, (1)6 ... or as Star Wars fans might say, "May the fourth (be with you)". At least, it's a date I should remember easily enough.

For those interested in playing the completed module, The Scroll (The First Day), then please go to its download link in the side bar below to the left under "My NWN2 Material".

For the sake of completion, I will make this final post on the discoveries I made and the fixes it required. Even at this very last stage of testing, I had to make some "significant" changes, simply due to the code being so messy and inefficient. Read on ...


1) Fixed a "placeable item" drop name.
2) Fixed a description update that was not updating when a level item updated.
3) Creature AI: Added a missing variable to encourage a creature to use its spell abilities.
4) Removed "cleric" description from Jagged Tooth scroll.


1) Rewrote the OnAcquire and UnAcquire scripts, which were in a very haphazard state.
2) Rewrote the sbfunctions include script, which had some very inefficient coding.
3) Rewrote the Rune Puzzle GUI to enable players with low resolutions to drag the GUI apart.
4) Redesigned the item required system for crafting. (Previous system could not handle larger loops.)
5) Updated some journal entries to be more informative regarding the quest at hand.
6) Added weapon equipped feedback when PC swapped.
7) Added a mage workbench to an area.

Basically, much of what was required in the last set of coding was rewrites of OLD poorly written code and making other code work more efficiently. I still see this kind of thing scattered around the module, but the good news is that most of the important sections have now been addressed, and any that still needs attention can be addressed as I continue to work through modules 2 and 3, as they are campaign scripts, which will be backward compatible.

I think it's time for a lay down.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Beta 9.0 (Part 12)

The time is drawing ever closer to release, and today marks the beginning of the final stages of testing. I believe this may even be my last "beta testing" post entry (ignoring responses to this post), and my next post may be announcing the release of this module in a new "Support" post! It really all depends upon what I find in the next (potentially last) session. Anyway, onto the latest list of finds:-


 1) PLOT FEEDBACK - Removed some superfluous feedback regarding plot items.
2) PARTY RALLY - Now ignores henchmen and Main PC that could give erroneous feedback.
3) SECRET COMPARTMENT - Changed default action to use. (Sometimes prevented lock GUI.)
4) CONVERSATIONS - Fixed a couple of typos, an incorrect link and some missing cameras.
5) MASTER MAPPER - Fixed a couple of events where the auto-mapping was not auto-restarting.
6) VFX INSTANCES - Fixed VFX removal where more instances were present than I realised.
7) ANIMAL PRESENT - Fixed a "REMOVE ANIMAL" warning missing from a check.
8) UNDEAD WEAPON - Fixed a missing SLAM attack on some undead creatures.
9) MONSTER POSITION - Fixed/added missing post locations of some creatures.
10) PLACEABLES - Stopped some placeables from disappearing after use (that were not meant to).
11) LOOTING - Prevented some looting on a placeable before the PCs were meant to.
12) COMPANION AI - Removed some AI alterations done on PC swap. (Redundant code of mine?)
13) DEATH ANIMATION - The main PC did not always look dead - Hopefully, this fixed it.
14) JOURNAL ENTRY - Fixed an illogical entry and some XP based upon it.
15) ENCOUNTER TIMING - Removed 0.5 second delay that allowed PCs to move too far.


1) PARTY RALLY - PCs now mainly appear behind the Main PC rather than around it.
2) ANIMAL PRESENT - Added an option to allow an animal to STAY in the area when dismissed.
3) ENCOUNTER - Added an encounter where I felt one was needed.
4) EQUIPPED WEAPON - Altered some feedback when giving player equipped weapon info of PCs.
5) BARBARIAN RAGE - Made "raging cry" more creature generic.
6) DATE FEEDBACK - Added the hour to any date feedback given.
7) JOURNAL ENTRY - Added some extra information in the journal for a quest reminder.

 CURRENT PLAY TIME: 42 hours and 0 minutes.

We Have Come A Long Way!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Beta 9.0 (Part 11)

Another couple of sessions, discovering those pesky bugs ... and testing updates ... See my last post for more details regarding the new Recipe Book system.


1) RITUAL BOWLS - An earlier fix introduced duplicated items/tags, preventing work. A nasty one!
2) RITUAL BOWLS - Fixed problematic/intermittent container opening.
3) REST WITH SUMMON - Fixed broken "remnant" portraits of summons after resting.
4) FACTION PAUSE - Fixed a conversation from pausing too soon.
5) COMPANION AI - Fixed spell casting (etal) from ending when switching PCs during turn-based.


1) RECIPE BOOK INFO - Instant information when recipe books hovered over in inventory.
2) FEEDBACK IN COMBAT - Reduced some "normal" feedback while PCs in combat.
3) LIFE ESSENCE USAGE - Removed need for Life Essence use with Enchanter's Satchel.

CURRENT PLAY TIME: 40 hours and 38 minutes.

I'll leave you with a screenshot of my last battle, which turned out much more difficult than I first thought it would be. It required me to make good use of my turn-based system, and careful use of spells and resources. Believe it or not, I lost this battle from this position on the first attempt!

A Tough Battle!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Immediate Crafting Information (Modern Recipes)

Once more I decided to tackle the issue of making crafting as easy as possible for the player. I noticed in my own play testing that simply checking enchanting or crafting requirements from each recipe could be a laborious process ... or at the very least hard to keep track.

The Scroll supports every OC crafting system, but with some heavy improvements to make crafting much simpler. To help differentiate between the various OC systems, I now simply refer to the "ANCIENT" (uses molds and essences) and "MODERN" (uses recipes) systems.

I don't intend to use this post to speak about the various differences between the two systems, but to announce how I have made further improvements to the "MODERN" recipe system.


The initial improvement I made to this system was to make gathering recipes easier by automatically placing each recipe into its appropriate recipe book for ease of reference. However, I have now taken this automatic help one stage further by having intelligent feedback from each book and its contents.

When a player now hovers their mouse over one of these recipe books, it will give feedback about the recipe pages that are collected within it and whether the party meet the main criteria to use each recipe contained therein. This information is sent to the chat window without the player even needing to open the book if they choose not to.

At a glance, the player will now know what recipes each book contains, and by the colour of the name used, be able to tell if they can immediately use the modern recipe (green font), or need a workbench to complete the task (blue font), or be unable to use it at this time (default font).

Furthermore, additional party information is given with respect to the skills and feats being required/used, the gold the party carries and whether they have an Enchanter's Satchel to use in place of a Magician's Workbench.

If, after all this initial information, the player wants further information (e.g. What exactly are they missing?), then they can simply open the book and read the recipe requirements after clicking on its page. Or ... if they left click on the icon to try to activate the recipe, that will also give detailed feedback about what is missing/required.

Check out these screenshots for further information ....

Enchantment Recipe Book - With New Rune Enchantments!
Weapons Recipe Book - Both Possible If Workbench Found
Alchemy Recipe Book - A Single Page Remains!
Wondrous Items Recipe Book - Many Potentials Await!
Armour Recipe Book - All Used!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Beta 9.0 (Part 10)

Another couple of hours play and another handful of those hard to find bugs (now solved) ... and updates ...


1) CONTAINER WEIGHT - Fixed a bug where containers did not show their total weight.
2) RUNE LOCK ATTEMPTS - Fixed "exploit" check. Could be reset with two consecutive rests.
3) TREASURE ITEM DECAY - Fixed a decay time that was decaying much too quickly.
4) LOOT DEAD CREATURES - Made accessing dead creatures more stable. (Added backup.)
5) COMPANION AI - Created PCs had the wrong On Perception script attached.


1) Added "Gather Party" facility to help get around path-finding issues.
2) Added party "Stand Ground" on enemy perceived if "PAUSE ON ENCOUNTER" enabled. (*)

(*) NOTE: Rather than pause immediately on any encounter (with this setting), I found that simply having the PCs "stand their ground" until the creature actually attacked was the better solution. Otherwise, PCs could potentially "pause" the game even before the creature was able to be targeted by the player. The player can still manually pause (before the automatic pause) if they want to, of course.

 CURRENT PLAY TIME: 37 hours and 40 minutes.

To Battle!
And Treasure!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 9)

I genuinely thought that this post was going to be the one when I was going to announce the release of this module. It's that close! However, a few of bugs crept up during play, which would have frustrated me if I had not sorted them again, and so it's not quite there yet. Here is the list of "sneaky" bugs (not easily noticed) that caused me the problem this time:-

1) RESTING - Fixed a bug when resting started from a companion (miscalculating rations).
2) RESTING - Fixed constructs to now ignore the need for rations.
3) ARCAENE SCROLLS - Fixed a missing base item value check. (Were casting at the wrong level.)
4) ENCOUNTER - Fixed some "undead" encounters that were "absent" outside of "TEST MODE".
5) RUNE BAG - Fixed feedback when "activated" by the Main PC. (Required CAST as well as ACTIVATE.)

CURRENT PLAY TIME: 35 hours and 7 minutes.
Into The Unknown

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 8)

Every session I play brings me one step closer to release ... and with each session I play, I am glad that I spent some time doing this last play through. Mainly because it allows me to find those last few bugs that can easily be missed, but are really annoying if you do encounter them. This time around included:-

1) Fixed a GUI image from not disappearing under rare circumstances.
2) Fixed a missing "pick lock" sound if playing a companion rather than the Main PC.
3) Fixed some dynamic light settings that failed due to known "light tag" bug (on a reload).
4) Fixed the journal "NOTES" section, which was randomly losing/changing information. (XML)
5) Fixed a poorly timed beam effect at the start of an encounter.
6) Fixed some missing crafting confirmation and sound for a special brew.
7) Fixed a trap that should have been marked "unrecoverable".
8) Fixed a "rune puzzle" script that had a potential exploit bug.
9) Removed some "beta" code.
10) Added an extra sound for a lower value appraisal result. ("No" for poorer quality.)

Things I will Change In The Future

1) I will widen paths and do less "narrow" areas. (NWN2 path-finding really is bad!)
2) I am considering limiting PCs/Henchmen possible due to same path-finding issues.
CURRENT PLAY TIME: 34 hours and 0 minutes.

When Will It End?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 7)

I know this may come as quite a surprise, especially considering the amount of beta testing this module has already gone through, but even now, I am still finding some niggling points that need fixing. Even to the point of updating core XML files and tlk entries. Anyway, without further preamble, here is the latest list of fixes:-

1) Fixed a door being opened by creatures. (Missing variable.)
2) Fixed related door (to above) by adding a missing script to ensure fade worked on exiting it.
3) Fixed a function that could (on rare circumstances), cause a creature to spawn in the wrong area.
4) Fixed a "treasure object" from being inaccessible due to not having "useable" in the properties.
5) Amalgamated two "function" scripts to prevent toolset crash on exit.
6) Updated stylesheet.xml to give me smaller tabs/buttons where required.
7) Updated the tlk to give clearer feedback with crafting skills.
8) Removed default "Spell Failure" info, which was giving wrong feedback (and not used anyway).
9) Updated a faction setting for an NPC to prevent improper NPC reaction after a party death.

CURRENT PLAY TIME: 32 hours and 20 minutes.

Time To Head Back Down Again!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 6)

Beta testing continues alongside the updates I have been making to having better feedback with respect to the party as a whole. E.g. Managing equipment (to prevent encumbrance) and crafting item information feedback have been top of my list. I know these may appear to be "additional" work to the beta testing, but for me, it's all part of the same process. My goal is to make the game as "easy to play" as possible as well as being "bug free". (Updated screenshot below.)

The Reasoning

1) Having access to class and level within the inventory screen is helpful for validating items carried.
2) Seeing encumbrance remaining (or over) makes for quick equipment management.
3) The new Party Craft tab enables players to keep track of the crafting skills and items in the party.
4a) A toggle to make the Party Bar icons smaller when controlling larger parties. (Also "draggable".)
4b) The party bar ( normal or small icons) now ensures the controllable PCs stay at the top of the bar!
4c) Names are also added to the PC boxes to make recognition much quicker and at a glance.

Bug Fixes

1) In some circumstances, some conversations would not fire subject to how many were in the party, due to some "heavy" conditional checks. (Scripts were rewritten and delays added to ensure conversations started even for larger parties.)

2) A sound activation was updated to ensure it always fired. (Now uses own homebrew function.)

3) Some core functions were rewritten and recompiled to ensure loops involving faction members did not include associates, as their testing was NOT required in the functions that had the new condition added. (Helped reduce overhead.)

Updated Screenshot

New Additional Party Feedback

Monday, 14 March 2016

Party Crafting Info (New Character Screen Tab)

To complement the updated bag system, which I spoke about last time, I decided to add a TAB onto the PC Character Screen GUI that would allow access to more information about the whole party with respect to crafting skills and the more common related items, which the party held as a group.

This way, it is much simpler to keep track of which PCs have which skills, and what party crafting abilities are available to the group as a whole. Also, common items such as planks, ingots and hides, along with the lesser and greater essences can be seen in an instance and in one place. I, for one, find this much easier to check what base items I have available to me (as a whole) for any crafting I hope to try, without having to locate and check every individual PC within my group.

Hopefully, this may be of help to other players too:-

Text Colour Determines Access (or Not)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 5)

Beta testing underwent a few changes this time around as I decided to also add some code to make managing the inventory slightly easier and also help make some aspects of crafting a little easier, in particular the distillation of creature parts and essences.

I will list the usual fixes in a moment, but first I wanted to explain some of my changes:-


I have coded many "party" based skill checks (as opposed to the PC doing the activity) already. However, I decided to also update the code when it came to working with the mortar or alembic. Now, any PC may use/activate these two items to distil or work with essences, as long as the party has a PC with the appropriate skills, is nearby and not incapacitated. (Appropriate feedback is given.)


I have also done a similar thing when it comes to a PC clicking to work at any workbench or smelter. As long as somebody in the party has the appropriate ability, is nearby and not incapacitated, then any PC may start the activity. In fact, most workbenches do not even require the hammer or mortar to target the bench now, and simply make the check when the bench is "closed", because it assumes the workbench has those tools at hand to use. (Appropriate feedback is given.)

The only thing that the player has to be aware of now, is that if the crafting/enchantment is via a recipe rather than at a workbench, then the PC activating the recipe must be the one carrying any items required. (When using a workbench, items are placed onto that instead.)


This update was made to alleviate some of the issues I was experiencing when trying to locate some items to do with crafting in particular.

If a player buys a particular "bag" or "container" item, I use a process to automatically place items found into the appropriate bag for them. However, before now, the bags only worked for the PC that carried them. E.g. If the Main PC picked up a crafting component, but it was a companion that carried the auto-collecting "Crafting Component" bag, then the item would have simply remained in the Main PC inventory and the player would have searched for the container to ensure it was placed correctly. Now, however, I have made the process fully automated, so that irrespective of who owns the auto-bags, or who picks up a qualifying item, the said item will always be placed into the correct container.

There are six such bags, in the following order of collection priority:-

1) "Crafting Components Holder": If large, bulky heavy crafting items are picked up, then they are prioritised to special weight reducing bags if present in the party. (E.g. Ingots, planks, hides and ore.)

2) "Alchemy Satchel": Automatically stores essences and creature parts that can be distilled into such.

3) "Crafting Component Carrier": Automatically collects all those other items that can be used in crafting, including molds, creature parts (not distillable), and other components. (E.g. Fairy Dust.)

4) "Bounty Bag": The bag that automatically catches all that the previous bags miss (or if they are absent). This includes creature parts (all types) and essences (if other bags are absent). Note that if other bags are present, then this bag will only collect creature parts not used in crafting in any way.

5) "The Treasure Bag": The default location for identified gems, amulets and rings. Any items that are acquired unidentified remain in the main inventory to highlight they need identifying. (They can be manually placed into the bag if desired.)

6) "The Key Ring": Any key items are automatically placed onto a key ring you carry.

Note the following:

A) If a party has more than one of the same special bag, then the automatic process checks the PC that picks up an item for a valid bag first, and then checks the rest of the party if it cannot find one. (I have not limited the capacity of these bags, and so there may be little reason to have more than one of each kind, apart from they do still reflect weight of their contents.)

B) If a valid item is picked up and placed into a bag, there is feedback telling you to which companion and to where the picked up item was placed.


1) Fixed some broken crafting feedback. (Noticed during the update.)
2) Fixed distillation results. (Too many being created.) (Noticed during the update.)
3) Updated the name format of essences to be able to more easily recognise their type and purpose.
4) Updated bag auto location for molds. (Component instead of Alchemy.)
5) Updated container XML message text to relate to "recipes" only.
6) Updated various texts and descriptions to reflect changes made and for ease.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 4)

Testing continues. My latest list for those who like to follow:-


1) Fixed a creature location that was stuck in the walkmesh.
2) Fixed a conversation (grammar).
3) Fixed a camera angle (which had moved to looking at the floor!)
4) Fixed some object descriptions that were missing.
5) Fixed a fire VFX (that was missing) and removed VFX "flicker" when active.
6) Fixed a broken beam effect. (It was missing in some situations.)
7) Fixed Cursed Items to destroy when dropped (as per description). (Instead of becoming a placeable object.)


1) Update crafting system to work with crafting items no matter which PC starts the crafting procedure. The code will simply check if there is a PC in the party that meets the requirements and allow the activation to work without having to move items to the specific PC to begin with.

2) Add an inventory "search" system to list party items according to various category tabs. Currently in design discussions.

I already have one of those belts thanks!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 3)

Once again, I have been slowly working my way through the module, and finding the odd problem here and there that needed addressing. My latest list for those who like to follow:-


1) Fixed a conversation where the object rather than the PC name was being used.
2) Fixed the journal item counter when first acquiring an item for a task. (Jumped to 2 instead of 1.)
3) Fixed the journal item counter if items were sold. (Involved an "Inventory" fix.)
4) Fixed automaton conversation by switching interaction to "use" instead of "auto" and adding some variables back (which had been removed).
5) Fixed remaining quantity of "Decipher Tools" on the puzzle GUI. (Out by one.)


1) Updated the colour for journal items counter to use Dark Green text instead of just Green.
2) Stopped inventory from popping up with description if just looting gold from an object.
3) Set all Main Menu items to "OFF" by default. (i.e. Players must toggle "Spells Active" scroll to "ON" to pop up now.)

And for those that also enjoy a screenshot ....

I told you I could get it working!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 2)

I have been continuing to test my module. (Sadly, the beta tester who had volunteered dropped out.) I am still being surprised at the number of bugs I am finding even after the beta testing it has already received. Admittedly, these bugs are somewhat harder to spot (unless you are quite knowledgeable with the code and processes involved), and so would probably only have been noticed by myself anyway. Here is the latest bugs found and fixed:-

1) The "REST" system. (Fixed some duplicated and irrelevant feedback in some situations.)
2) In relation to the above, I also fixed a broken homebrew function that was ignoring the Main PC if controlling a companion. (*)
3) Fixed Orechin conversation, where a repeated node was possible (due to missing variable).
4) Altered light flicker rate on main village light.

(*) This function is used in quite a few other places, and is designed to check for the quantity of items held by the player's group of PCs. The problem was that it worked correctly when you were controlling your Main PC, but ignored the Main PC inventory if you were controlling a companion at the time. In theory, this should fix a few other issues that may have been missed during initial testing.

I have also reached a point where the main plot can take two different paths, and continued along the "most likely" route for now, leaving myself a saved position that I may go back to if I feel it needs it.

Still tired? But you only just rested!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Beta Testing (9.0)

I know it's been some time since my last post here, but real life issues had caused me to have to take some time out. However, as the new year gets underway, I also find I am able to better manage time for this blog again.

As you can see from the title of this post, beta-testing has still been continuing, as I have had one or two people volunteer to help test it. Although feedback has been slow, mainly due to RL situations, I am also continuing to have one last play through. In my own testing (and from feedback), I have fixed bugs to do with:-

1) The weather system. (Fixed a memory leak and variables to do with VFXs.)
2) Some transitions. (Relating to party settings.)
3) Some broken dialogues. (On certain paths taken.)
4) Broken AI on a Skull Trap. (Trap would stop responding after the first time.)
5) Secret Door. (Door could remain locked even after using a key to unlock it.)
6) Replaced some "destroyed" doors with "normal" ones. (Unreliable otherwise.)
7) Clarified some REST feedback. (Gave feedback why some PCs may not rest due to "Too Soon".)
8) Fixed "Racial Light" spell. (Had not been updated to work with my own system.)
9) Changed voice set on a companion.
10) Altered some conversation timings.
11) Updated some spell information to work with my own system.

According to the in-game timer, I have played around 23 hours. I have a party of six and a dog who tags along with me. All PCs are 6th level. I am guessing that I am about half way to two-thirds through, and probably have around 10-20 hours left to test.

What Next?