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Friday, 25 April 2014

What's In Your Inventory?

This is going to be a brief post this week, as there is not much I can report on without giving away spoilers (again). However, one thing I have been looking at this week is increasing the number of items a player can acquire for their PCs. While I started to design a few new ideas myself, I also went in search on the Vault for some and found Apep's "Magical Miscellanea Package", from which I found some useful items that will save me some time. That said, I do need to alter many of those that I may include, simply to work with the rest of my module. However, I believe I will save more time than it loses in adaptation.

It was as I was considering the different items a player might buy for their PCs that I began to think what the average player might like to include as their standard "adventurers kit" for their characters. I think we can take class items as read (E.g. a sword for a fighter, etc.), but what about the other things? Do you consider light sources, potions, healing kits, etc.? I know some of these items might still be governed by the PC's class, feats and skills, but are there items that simply do not fall into this category, or are simply "must haves" before you head out to the dungeon?

Would you prefer the "improved" lantern design sir?
So, have a think and let me know if there is anything you recall as being "essential" items that you liked to have before you went adventuring. .... :) e.g. Bags, light sources, potions? You name it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

Progress is slow but sure as I continue to develop the last two quests I had in mind to do. While doing so, I have been trying for a few new ideas, including adding "portly" characters (currently being worked on by Eguintir) and incorporating scenes that use non-interactive "ghosts". Both these additions might be considered "non-essential", but I do think attention to such things can add an element to a game that can make it more memorable.

Anyway, as much of what I have done this week involves material I cannot divulge (due to spoilers), I thought I would simply post a few images showing content that I did a while ago (old), something that was based upon a "borrowed" idea and something that showed something I recently added (new).

Something Old

Conversation demonstrating old influence system and spotlight system.
Something Borrowed

An interactive Notice Board system that alters the scroll images as selected.
Something New

A quick and easy way to check out the surrounding creatures.
The Poison Poll

Although there were not many voters for the Poison Usage Poll, the results (below) probably do reflect a reasonable response:-

Poison Poll Results!