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Friday, 6 November 2015

Beta Testing Update

To date, the module has passed through five stages of beta upgrades and is currently on its sixth rendition. Two beta testers have completed the module from Beta 1 and one beta tester has completed from Beta 2. One tester completed the module on Beta 5 on a second play through and other testers are currently on a second play through, with the latest just starting Beta 6.

BETA 1 and 2: Had 73 patches.
BETA 3: Had 55 patches.
BETA 4: Had 6 patches.
BETA 5: Had 17 patches.


BETA 6 should, theoretically, only require typo fixes and minimal overall patching. This current beta version has also had a couple of module updates, including:-

1) Extra information about Crafting Recipe usage in GUI.
2) Extra feedback on Combination Locks if you have the Expert Decoder feat.
3) Fast Travel road markers for one area.

The following statistics have been ascertained:-

1) Total Play Time: Around 25 - 40 hours, subject to path and quests taken.
2) Party end level: Around 7-10th (after starting at 1st level).

Due to both testing and personal circumstances, the final version is likely to be delayed until the new year 2016. At that time, the module should be very stable and I will be in a better position to give support if it is required.