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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 8)

Every session I play brings me one step closer to release ... and with each session I play, I am glad that I spent some time doing this last play through. Mainly because it allows me to find those last few bugs that can easily be missed, but are really annoying if you do encounter them. This time around included:-

1) Fixed a GUI image from not disappearing under rare circumstances.
2) Fixed a missing "pick lock" sound if playing a companion rather than the Main PC.
3) Fixed some dynamic light settings that failed due to known "light tag" bug (on a reload).
4) Fixed the journal "NOTES" section, which was randomly losing/changing information. (XML)
5) Fixed a poorly timed beam effect at the start of an encounter.
6) Fixed some missing crafting confirmation and sound for a special brew.
7) Fixed a trap that should have been marked "unrecoverable".
8) Fixed a "rune puzzle" script that had a potential exploit bug.
9) Removed some "beta" code.
10) Added an extra sound for a lower value appraisal result. ("No" for poorer quality.)

Things I will Change In The Future

1) I will widen paths and do less "narrow" areas. (NWN2 path-finding really is bad!)
2) I am considering limiting PCs/Henchmen possible due to same path-finding issues.
CURRENT PLAY TIME: 34 hours and 0 minutes.

When Will It End?

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