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Monday, 26 May 2014

Lots of Little Things

Have you ever had the toolset crash as you exit it? If you have used the toolset and know how having the "include" files not quite right causes this problem, then you know what I am talking about. It's a pain to track down sometimes ... and this was one of them. At least, I knew where the problem lay, but did not like the idea of having to go through sorting the various includes to get to the bottom of the problem. Suffice to say, I got there in the end, and now the toolset closes fine again after I finish doing a little more on the project. Furthermore, the code has been cleaned up and streamlined again, with a couple of "module" includes amalgamated into one, which makes changing aspects for the module a lot easier, and means I only need change one file for module differences when I finally get onto my next modules.

The above problem was caused by me fiddling with a number of new additions I am looking at, from 1) adding a bestiary (see latest screenshot), 2) adding Kivinen Item Placeables to my campaign (which required me having to rewrite the scripts to work with my campaign), 3) to making use of some new buttons and levers that Thierry (aka 4760) has been working on. This last addition has the potential to add a lot of classic dungeon puzzles and events, which I am looking forward to implementing when Thierry eventually releases the final product.

Opening Bestiary Page and Animal Selected Page

The World of Althéa Website

I finally decided to abandon Mediafire and close my account with them, as both uploading and downloading files with them was a complete pain and caused issues with my website. I now use Microsoft Onedrive, so users should be able to download my book, "Deep Within", and past synopses more easily now (if interested).

Back On Track

Now that I have the core template code in place for the new bestiary, and Kivinen's item placeables now work with my code, I am finally getting back on track with the main module write up. At the moment, I am continuing to add atmosphere in the way of sound and lighting to some areas that needed it, as well as continue to work at monster encounters. The AI works well from my own tests, and now I am trying to get the balance right.

Cleric defeated! The summoned creature un-summoned!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

"It's A Bunny!" - Added To Bestiary

Regular readers and even new readers will soon come to see that I am a fan of rabbits - and as the 10th-18th May is Rabbit Awareness Week, I thought I would combine my love of these wonderful creatures with my latest module update: The Bestiary.

To begin with, let us look at a picture of Daisy (who has now sadly passed away) when she had first come to us and used to run around like something crazy. Hence, she soon got the name, Crazy Daisy! While certainly not something to be afraid of (cue Monty Python sketch), she certainly knew how to grab the limelight.

NB: The hutch in the picture below was NEVER used. All our bunnies were indoor bunnies and lived a life of indoor comfort - when not playing around outside of course. This hutch was what "Bud" (Daisy's "HusBun")  had come to us in.

Mind your toes - I'm coming through!
The Bestiary System

So, how would Daisy fit in with the new Bestiary system I have planned for my module? Well, just like any new creature the PCs come across, or maybe read about, then there is a possibility that information about the creature will be noted to be recalled from accessing the journal; which has had a new TAB added to its design for such a purpose.

A couple of creatures turned up to help demonstrate!
Two Sizes of Journal

For those who may not be aware, I have also designed the journal so that it can be toggled between small and large scale to allow it to be more easily seen by the player. Here is a full screen image showing how big the larger journal actually is. NOTE: I am still working on the size of text for this larger version.

Bigger journal option for easier viewing!
Show Information GUI Update

A few weeks ago I showed you my new "Show Info" GUI, which helps to compensate for the missing functionality from NWN1, where a player could easily see where certain NPCs are at the push of a button. Below is a screenshot showing its new look, with a draggable top bar and tooltip in action. Note also, some creatures have different colour text to help denote whether they are "merchants" or more "notable" characters.

Note the merchants stand out in BLUE text!
More than this, however, is the fact that the button now also acts as a GUI toggle button to help minimise the amount of GUIs on screen if need be, for times when a larger viewing area (for when exploring or mapping) is preferred. Take a look at the difference when the button is used: It removes all hotbars and chat windows, which are easily toggled back again when needed.

Much clearer without all those GUIs on - Let's go exploring!
Daisy In Rabbiting On Again!

Finally, and not least, I am proud to announce that Daisy made it into the Rabbiting On magazine again this month with the following picture. We had only just got her when I took this picture and it really did look like she was posing for the photograph. :) Did I not mention that it's Rabbit Awareness Week. :)

If you want to help sponsor my wife's activity for it, go here: Bunny Sponsored Walk

Hurry up and take the photo! I want to go and play again!
RIP sweetheart .. and to all my beloved pets I have lost over the years.