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Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Tunnel to Torén Norus Beckons! (ADV)

With the New Year just around the corner, so also is the return to the adventure for the heroes of "Isil Ia Dom" (which is Elf and roughly translates to "The Searchers of the Holy Stone"). This adventure, however, is not currently a reflection of the party's name, but involves the search for a wizard called "Terrell The Red", who they hope will help them with a different problem regarding something called a "Life Orb" and some "Life Crystals". The full story can be read from the Story Background at the website, where the complete story has been broken into chapters. Alternatively, you can just download and read the last scenario which took place before this next adventure begins.

The next adventure will begin with this journal entry:

"The quest for Terrell the Red continues along the north passage that lays beyond the sealed door that has now been made accessible. This had not been an easy task, however, as first the heroes had to overcome an Ice Devil reinforced with Bearded Devils. After a great battle, the heroes were able to recover the egg of a dragon, named Keri, who was acting as a guardian to the long-dead kings of the Garad-Loon. Once the heroes had reunited the egg with Keri, they were then able to gain audience with the spirits of the kings of the dwarves and eventually learned how to overcome the lock that prevented their egress to the passage beyond. Now, only a few miles of caverns lay between them and the foundations of the tower of Torén-Norus where they believe Terrell may be being held against his will."

Today, I have made sure all the computers are ready to play the module, and that all the characters load properly. This module has been designed slightly different from previous ones, in that it is supposed to be complete, and so does not have to rely on the database to record inventories and means we can use the "Save Game" facility to easily keep track of the game state. I have also used my "PatchedScripts" hak to enable me to make fixes along the way if required, without affecting the saved game.

This scenario ("Torén Norus") and "Soul Shaker" are to be the last modules designed with NWN1 for the Althéa Campaign. If you have read my earlier posts, you will know that I am currently working on the NWN2 scenario that will be played after the heroes return from Soul Shaker ... or should that be "if" they return. ;) Furthermore, future modules with NWN2 will be designed along similar lines to "Soul Shaker", in that they will be able to be played as a single-player module (without a DM) as well as with a DM. This is so I can reach a wider audience and to help me receive more feedback about any potential problems with the programming, as well as give the writing a wider viewing.

Over the next few months, I hope to concentrate on getting to know more about NWN2 and its features. This time around, I also intend to play the official campaign before I get too involved with the programming side, just to know more of what it is capable of. This will include "Mask of the Betrayer" and any other expansion that comes along if I get the time.

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