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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 2)

I have been continuing to test my module. (Sadly, the beta tester who had volunteered dropped out.) I am still being surprised at the number of bugs I am finding even after the beta testing it has already received. Admittedly, these bugs are somewhat harder to spot (unless you are quite knowledgeable with the code and processes involved), and so would probably only have been noticed by myself anyway. Here is the latest bugs found and fixed:-

1) The "REST" system. (Fixed some duplicated and irrelevant feedback in some situations.)
2) In relation to the above, I also fixed a broken homebrew function that was ignoring the Main PC if controlling a companion. (*)
3) Fixed Orechin conversation, where a repeated node was possible (due to missing variable).
4) Altered light flicker rate on main village light.

(*) This function is used in quite a few other places, and is designed to check for the quantity of items held by the player's group of PCs. The problem was that it worked correctly when you were controlling your Main PC, but ignored the Main PC inventory if you were controlling a companion at the time. In theory, this should fix a few other issues that may have been missed during initial testing.

I have also reached a point where the main plot can take two different paths, and continued along the "most likely" route for now, leaving myself a saved position that I may go back to if I feel it needs it.

Still tired? But you only just rested!

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