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Friday, 18 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 6)

Beta testing continues alongside the updates I have been making to having better feedback with respect to the party as a whole. E.g. Managing equipment (to prevent encumbrance) and crafting item information feedback have been top of my list. I know these may appear to be "additional" work to the beta testing, but for me, it's all part of the same process. My goal is to make the game as "easy to play" as possible as well as being "bug free". (Updated screenshot below.)

The Reasoning

1) Having access to class and level within the inventory screen is helpful for validating items carried.
2) Seeing encumbrance remaining (or over) makes for quick equipment management.
3) The new Party Craft tab enables players to keep track of the crafting skills and items in the party.
4a) A toggle to make the Party Bar icons smaller when controlling larger parties. (Also "draggable".)
4b) The party bar ( normal or small icons) now ensures the controllable PCs stay at the top of the bar!
4c) Names are also added to the PC boxes to make recognition much quicker and at a glance.

Bug Fixes

1) In some circumstances, some conversations would not fire subject to how many were in the party, due to some "heavy" conditional checks. (Scripts were rewritten and delays added to ensure conversations started even for larger parties.)

2) A sound activation was updated to ensure it always fired. (Now uses own homebrew function.)

3) Some core functions were rewritten and recompiled to ensure loops involving faction members did not include associates, as their testing was NOT required in the functions that had the new condition added. (Helped reduce overhead.)

Updated Screenshot

New Additional Party Feedback

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