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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Screenshots (Cave Fight)

I have been able to put more into the module in the last couple of weeks, including some area design touch-up, some conversations, some scripts and some simple bug fixing. I have been varying the topic to help manage it more easily, as my concentration is up and down at the moment. I have also been tweaking the ambient sounds and behaviour a little to try to give a more in-depth feel to an area.

Anyway, rather than say much else at this time, I thought I would share some screenshots with you again on the latest area I am working on. A more in-depth blog another time. Feedback welcome.

UPDATE: For anybody who has been having problems with the CAPCHA system, I have turned it off for the time being. Hopefully, I will not get anymore spam, but also hope it will help regular posters from being able to post without the aggro I know that system can cause.

UPDATE: I have added a single torchlight comparison for those interested in the lighting detail. (The first screenshot is the new one with the single torch light.)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Taxing Time

Just a quick note to say that I have had to deal with some real life issues that have taken the time I would have spent on the module in the last couple of weeks. (It was not the Olympics, I assure you!) Thankfully, there has still been some progress on the module, as Ryan of Eguintir's Ecologies has not only been working on another interior area for me, but also a few models for objects that I hope to use in the adventure. Once the area he is working on is completed, I will be able to finish writing the plot/script for it and the module will be another step closer to completion. In fact, if all goes well in the coming weeks (and I can manage the life events a little better), I may be able to update the completion score.

And so, out of character for me, I am showing a few screenshots from an area that I am currently working on (before the life events interrupted me), which I hope to get back to sooner than later. Roger (Hoegbo), of The Demon Melody designed this area for me, which I am trying to complete the plot and scripts to in the coming weeks.

The PC finds themselves in an alien landscape.