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Friday, 12 November 2010

Party Poll Results

Personal circumstances are still affecting me at the moment, which means less time to spend on the blog. I am still doing what I can when I can for the module, and Hoegbo has been outstanding in his continued work on the areas for my module. Thanks to him, I currently have around 75% of the areas that I will need. One thing I can quickly report on is the last poll that has now finished, asking readers about their preferred party size. Here are the results:

There was a reasonable number of voters (30), and the results show a clear preference for 6 PCs making up a party, with 4 coming in second place. One of the "Other" results did vote for 5 PCs in the party, so I think it is safe to say that the standard recognised party size of between 4 to 6 PCs is the expected style of play. Regular readers will know by now that Better The Demon caters for any number of playing styles, leaving it up to the player to decide how many PCs they wish to take with them. Playing with a smaller party would be more difficult I imagine and I would be interested to hear from those players who eventually play the module with less than 4 PCs in the party.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks ahead, I will be in a better position to give a bigger update on the project. For now, however, I will sign off saying I will report back when I can - most likely in a couple of weeks.