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Friday, 11 March 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 5)

Beta testing underwent a few changes this time around as I decided to also add some code to make managing the inventory slightly easier and also help make some aspects of crafting a little easier, in particular the distillation of creature parts and essences.

I will list the usual fixes in a moment, but first I wanted to explain some of my changes:-


I have coded many "party" based skill checks (as opposed to the PC doing the activity) already. However, I decided to also update the code when it came to working with the mortar or alembic. Now, any PC may use/activate these two items to distil or work with essences, as long as the party has a PC with the appropriate skills, is nearby and not incapacitated. (Appropriate feedback is given.)


I have also done a similar thing when it comes to a PC clicking to work at any workbench or smelter. As long as somebody in the party has the appropriate ability, is nearby and not incapacitated, then any PC may start the activity. In fact, most workbenches do not even require the hammer or mortar to target the bench now, and simply make the check when the bench is "closed", because it assumes the workbench has those tools at hand to use. (Appropriate feedback is given.)

The only thing that the player has to be aware of now, is that if the crafting/enchantment is via a recipe rather than at a workbench, then the PC activating the recipe must be the one carrying any items required. (When using a workbench, items are placed onto that instead.)


This update was made to alleviate some of the issues I was experiencing when trying to locate some items to do with crafting in particular.

If a player buys a particular "bag" or "container" item, I use a process to automatically place items found into the appropriate bag for them. However, before now, the bags only worked for the PC that carried them. E.g. If the Main PC picked up a crafting component, but it was a companion that carried the auto-collecting "Crafting Component" bag, then the item would have simply remained in the Main PC inventory and the player would have searched for the container to ensure it was placed correctly. Now, however, I have made the process fully automated, so that irrespective of who owns the auto-bags, or who picks up a qualifying item, the said item will always be placed into the correct container.

There are six such bags, in the following order of collection priority:-

1) "Crafting Components Holder": If large, bulky heavy crafting items are picked up, then they are prioritised to special weight reducing bags if present in the party. (E.g. Ingots, planks, hides and ore.)

2) "Alchemy Satchel": Automatically stores essences and creature parts that can be distilled into such.

3) "Crafting Component Carrier": Automatically collects all those other items that can be used in crafting, including molds, creature parts (not distillable), and other components. (E.g. Fairy Dust.)

4) "Bounty Bag": The bag that automatically catches all that the previous bags miss (or if they are absent). This includes creature parts (all types) and essences (if other bags are absent). Note that if other bags are present, then this bag will only collect creature parts not used in crafting in any way.

5) "The Treasure Bag": The default location for identified gems, amulets and rings. Any items that are acquired unidentified remain in the main inventory to highlight they need identifying. (They can be manually placed into the bag if desired.)

6) "The Key Ring": Any key items are automatically placed onto a key ring you carry.

Note the following:

A) If a party has more than one of the same special bag, then the automatic process checks the PC that picks up an item for a valid bag first, and then checks the rest of the party if it cannot find one. (I have not limited the capacity of these bags, and so there may be little reason to have more than one of each kind, apart from they do still reflect weight of their contents.)

B) If a valid item is picked up and placed into a bag, there is feedback telling you to which companion and to where the picked up item was placed.


1) Fixed some broken crafting feedback. (Noticed during the update.)
2) Fixed distillation results. (Too many being created.) (Noticed during the update.)
3) Updated the name format of essences to be able to more easily recognise their type and purpose.
4) Updated bag auto location for molds. (Component instead of Alchemy.)
5) Updated container XML message text to relate to "recipes" only.
6) Updated various texts and descriptions to reflect changes made and for ease.

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