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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Perversions (ADV)

This was another session free of any problems, which lasted for a good two hours with much happening in the way of combat and puzzle solving. As before, while the timer showed two hours play, I think we probably played just over that. I had an idea to make the timer more accurate, but as it was a guide to Realm time only, it does not matter.

I have been struggling to concentrate over the last few weeks, and so this session was quite a refreshing change to be able to enjoy the game without too much effort. Hopefully, as time goes by, I will feel more in the mood to get back into designing the next set of adventures. For now though, I intend to try to relax and enjoy a few games and playing about with my new Canon 4ood camera. You may even see some pictures uploaded from it soon ... we have taken in a new rabbit: Daisy!


"Apart from the strange circle, the chapel appeared empty. There were some heavily barred windows along the west wall that could not be breached, although the heroes could hear the sound of heavy rainfall outside." Read the full synopsis here.

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