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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Countering Evil Magik (ADV)

It was a battle intensive session this week as the heroes continued in their current task of countering corrupt magik rune circles throughout the ground floor of the citadel, which, in turn, were being defended by automatons called Alatrons. The game ran smoothly enough, and I noticed only a couple of minor issues:

  1. The Spirit Disruptor was not returning the correct number of fragments for damaged items.
  2. Corpses would not always turn hostile after being disturbed.
I have brought out patch v1.07 to deal with the first problem, but am uncertain what is causing the second. It could be down to a slower network connection on the offending computer and for the time being I have changed my LAN connection for the computer with the problem from 10 to 100. (I have put the netmeeting on the slower connection as the network card only supports 10 anyway.) I have only been able to do this since removing another computer from the network that had been on the only other 100 connection. I am hoping this action will also deal with my slight delay I experience when playing. Furthermore, this may also deal with the timer difference we have been experiencing. Time will tell.


"The group went up the stairs and found they led to a large library area. The area was dark, but the group could see mushrooms and spider webs were scattered about the area. Grimbold set about clearing the region of mushrooms with his bow, while the others kept watch for spiders. They did not have to wait long, as suddenly, out of the shadows, groups of spiders came to see what had disturbed their nests." Read the full synopsis here.

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