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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bunny Bo (Another New Family Member!)

You may recall that on the 24 May, Jennifer and I took in a bunny, Daisy, that had been rescued by a friend of ours. Daisy has been settling in over the last few weeks, and like us, she was surprised to learn that we were soon to acquire yet another bunny.

This time, we have welcomed "Bunny Boy", renamed "Bunny Bo". He is a bunny that belonged to a neighbour of our friends, Phillip and Jenny. I had once met Bunny when Jenny called me to come and help her with him, after he had escaped from their neighbours into their garden. I ended up spending the whole day waiting with him until the owners got home. He was such a delight to stay with, and I said that if they ever thought of giving him up, we would take him in. That was before we had Daisy, and so when I received the telephone call today, you can imagine the situation at home with Jennifer and myself.

The short story is that we agreed to take him in, even though he will need to be neutered before we can let him run free with Daisy. How easy it will be to bond Daisy and Bunny Bo, only time will tell. In the meanwhile, you can visit PhotoBucket, where you can see Bunny Bo's first pictures in his new home. (Select slide show in the top right hand corner for a show.)

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