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Monday, 9 June 2008

Academy For Modding Excellence (AME): Debut Author Nomination

I am honoured to say that I have been nominated for the Debut Author category of the NWN1 2007 AME awards. After all the years of writing D&D adventures, this is a real honour to have a recognition outside of my own immediate group of players (which is still very much appreciated) and a great encouragement to continue writing for a larger audience. There is even a YouTube Video with some of the gameplay from the Soul Shaker module. (You may have to switch to high quality viewing to make the video playback work.)

I have always been interested in writing. As well as writing adventures for D&D, I also wrote a novel about my campaign, entitled "Deep Within". Therefore, recognition of this kind is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I might be able to continue giving more work back to the community as time goes by. I am already working on the new era of my campaign (NWN2), which is aimed at a wider audience than previous works.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those supporters of my work over the years, of designing and making material for NWN1 and NWN2 and still have great respect for the testers who have helped me iron out problems to make the modules play as smoothly as possible: Herrjeff, Mike9215 and Phantasma. Thank-you.


Elf des coquillages said...

Well, congratulations are in order! ^_^ I did not have the chance to play Soul Shaker as I joined the party with NWN2. When will we see some more work from you, from NWN2 this time?

The Bard of Althéa said...

Hi elf des coquillages,

Good to hear from you again. :) I finally got the XML Tutorial uploaded to the Vault by the way.

I have to admit that I am a slow worker. I tend to work in fits and starts, depending upon my health. If I am going through a "good patch", then I can get a reasonable amount done, but sometimes I can go a few weeks without anything to show. :(

I am also finding that my computer is not as quick as it could be when working with the NWN2 toolset, and so I may have to wait until that is updated - hopefully not too far in the future.

I have already outlined the first adventure. I just need to do the work in NWN2 toolset now. ;)

I will probably not make the adventures as long as Soul Shaker, but try to break each chapter of the story into smaller chunks and release them more frequently. Therefore, subject to health and motivation, I hope to have the first module ready for upload within a year at the latest. But if I can deliver earlier than that I will. :)

Keep in touch. I appreciate the comments.