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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Daisy (A New Family Member)

As followers of this blog will know, my wife and I lost our dear little rabbit, Anakin, two months ago. The last two months have been very hard for both of us. In the last two weeks though, we have been trial "parents" for another rabbit that had been rescued by our friends from someone who treated her with cruelty. Our friends already have a number of pets and were fostering "Daisy" until they could find a permanent home for her. As they knew we had just lost Anakin, they had hoped we might be able to take her in. I agreed to a trial period only, simply because I find the grief of losing a pet to hard to bear, and having just lost Anakin, I found the whole aspect of caring for another pet too difficult. My wife, however, longed to fill the empty space in our home, and suffice to say, the two week trial ended in a new family member.

Daisy is a dear rabbit, about ten months old. Initially, she was very reluctant to human contact (understandably) and would often growl and wave her front paws in defence if you went to stroke her. In the last month since being rescued, she has come leaps and bounds (if you pardon the pun) and now wants to be stroked, and will often come up to you for the attention.

I bought a Canon D400 digital camera (I have gone digital at last), so that I could start to take more photographs. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but prior to now, it could also be an expensive one. And while the new camera was an initial cost, all photos taken since have been for next to nothing in cost. Daisy was, of course, the first subject of my attention, and while she was afraid of the shutter clicks at first, she now loves all the extra attention and is now an obliging model. Check out my first lot of pictures of her at PhotoBucket. (You can look at the pictures as a slide show using the option in the top right hand corner of the page after selecting the album you wish to see from the left.) Hopefully, I will add more albums as I get the time.

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