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Thursday, 14 March 2019

The Scroll: Version 2.63 Now Available (Inc Consolidation Fix)

This latest version 2.63 is an IMPORTANT update, as it fixes some “consolidation” code, which can cause some inventory mayhem when you collect more items of a type that would go beyond their stacking limit!

E.g. 1: If you bought some iron rations (that stack in bundles of ten), all would be well until you bought the 11th item, at which point it would fail.

E.g. 2: You have some arrows divided into two stacks of 25 each, and buy a new stack. The stacks would try to consolidate, and then cause mayhem!

As I say though, this latest patch fixes that problem. It also addresses the following:- 

1) ITEM DROPS: Some items “placeable” counterparts were incorrect. I have fixed those I have come across and found. E.g. Books, and a ring found in a shrub.

2) ALTAR BONUS UPDATE: Temp HPs provided by an altar now are NOT removed by resting, so they have a longer life span for the sacrifice made.

3) DATABASE BACKUP: More database fixes for module transfers, including the ability to now recover (more accurately) a lost or broken database.

4) PLOT ITEM RELEASE: Plot items that are no longer used are now made non-plot so they can be sold or dropped after completing the main task of the game.

This marks the end of our DM controlled MP gaming test. However, my wife is currently running her own SP test, and we plan to play another MP run through (no DM this time) in the coming weeks. Therefore, there will be some more intensive testing, which should help rid the final problems that may remain.

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