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Thursday, 7 March 2019

The Scroll: Version 2.59 Now Available

I have continued to fix some errors I have come across during testing, including:-

1) ON ACQUIRE FIX (CONSOLIDATION): Basically, the OnAcquire script fires a “consolidation” function that prior to the latest fix caused the OnAcquire to FAIL to fire for items acquired at the same time as a gem or other stackable item. The function now has a slight delay to allow the OnAcquire script to finish prior its calling. This will now fix issues like “Bound” Life Essences being collected instead of "Unbound" ones, and allow gems to collect into their appropriate containers (if carried). The “Bound” Life Essence problem was reported in v2.54, but was thought of as a “glitch” only. It has now been confirmed as a bug caused by this issue, now fixed (hopefully). The workaround would be to transfer the “bound” life essences between PCs, which would make them “unbound”. And, gems would have to be placed manually sometimes. This fix resolves those issues from occurring in the first place.

2) GRAVE HIGHLIGHT (MODULE UPDATE REQUIRED): Module versions prior to this latest did not highlight Josiah’s Grave in the graveyard. Originally, I left it more difficult to find, making it only for those players that stumbled across it with closer inspection. However, I think this falls into the realm of “pixel hunting” (especially as the z key highlight facility would also NOT highlight it) and so I decided to update the particular grave with a gold sparkle so players now know it can be interacted with. The sparkle disappears after an initial inspection. If you do not update to this latest version, note that the grave can still be interacted with, but you have to locate it with your mouse pointer first.

3) AWARD TESTS (IF DATABASE DELETED): A few versions back, I added the facility to allow a player to restart the campaign using the PC with the *same * name. (i.e. Effectively, the same PC.) It meant that previous saved games with the PC of this name would (possibly) no longer work as expected (and so were warned NOT to be used), but it also meant the player could easily start again with the same PC if they wished by choosing to delete the associated database with the PC. There was a minor error, in that the optional “Award Tests” game would not reset properly. This has now been fixed in the latest version.

4) VILLAGERS RISK REPORT: Removed erroneous info being reported on villagers and patrons if examined. NOTE: If you are already in the village (or Bloated Buckle), then you would need to leave the area and enter it again before the description updates correctly.

5) TLK FILE UPDATE: I also discovered another TLK description that had some wrong info. Therefore, I have now updated the Others file/folder again with the updated TLK file. (It’s to remove the reference in the feat description of Party Survivor, which says “The Main PC with this feat also has the benefit of not suffering any damage due to hunger. Companions can still die from hunger though.” This is NOT correct information and can be ignored.) The DROPBOX DIRECT LINK FOR JUST THE TLK FOLDER: (Clear you download cache if you have downloaded this file before, as it is the same compressed file link, but now contains the updated TLK file.)

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