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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Scroll: Version 2.56 Now Available

A player reported they had a situation where the Scroll given by Vol appeared in their inventory multiple times. The following fixes were applied, which the same player reported had fixed the problem. I also addressed a couple of other issues that could occur, especially if a player started the campaign with only a single PC.

The latest version, v2.56, addresses the following issues:-

1) MAINPC HEARTBEAT: If a player started with only one PC (did not create any others), then their Main PC heartbeat would not start. The same issue would occur if the player did not possess another PC at least once. Therefore, the latest fix ensures a pseudo PC is added/possessed/removed to ensure the heartbeat gets started. (This evaded me in the past as I always played with a party from the start.)

2) VOL GIFTS: On the back of the above issue, a player could miss out on a Vol Gift entirely, as it relied upon a heartbeat call from the MainPC. So if a player either had no other PCs or had not possessed one before meeting Vol, then this script would not fire. Now, it is also set to fire the moment the conversation with Vol ends.

3) MOD VARIABLES: As somebody had reported issues with receiving multiple copies of The Scroll item, I have reworked the “between module variable controller” to use an item that the Main PC already carries, thereby avoiding creating another item and thereafter having to rely on destroying said item. In testing, the old method could sometimes fail, leaving the player sometimes with no Scroll item, or even with multiple Scroll items. In testing the new system, this appears fixed … and also no longer prevents a player from leaving an area, as it relies on an integer rather than an object check now.

4) INVENTORY (NEW PC): A minor update. I added a line of code that would ensure the player could read “A New PC Has Been Selected” in the inventory window if they had previously scrolled the window description and then selected a new PC.

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