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Monday, 11 March 2019

The Scroll: Version 2.62 Now Available (Bardic Instruments)

There have been a couple of minor updates since v2.59, plus an overhaul to the bardic songs. My wife intends to play through The Scroll again, and wanted to play the bard class. Upon creating and testing a PC, we soon became aware that the instruments do not appear to add any benefit when equipping said instrument, and so I determined to look into it. After all, what would be the point to buying an instrument and taking up an equipment slot, if the instrument adds no benefit compared to a shield or second weapon. To thi s end, I did a search online to see if anybody else had come to the same conclusion and found that Clubok (who also inspired me to go more into Readable Books) had done this:

I decided to pick up the mantle (again) and came up with my own bardic instrument system, which now offers players some minor benefits for using instruments with their bard PC as opposed to shields or a second weapon.

I have recoded the bard songs to work as follows when “wielding” instruments, with the following understanding:-
  1. An instrument’s value determines a base bonus figure, which the bonuses are calculated from. All bonuses use this figure, and I have removed any reliance on “level” as (a) this is already used in some of the songs and (b) I felt the difference was too great and imbalanced the song effect.
  2. Different songs require ownership of one of the three instruments currently available: drum, flute or lute (or any variant name thereof). Here follows a list of the instruments and how they affect the various songs. Currently, only the Haven Song can use any instrument, and all others require a specific instrument to gain the associated bonuses.
  3. The player PC need only have an instrument equipped and the code then automatically searches for the best appropriate valued instrument to allocate the bonus. If no instrument is equipped, then no bonuses are applied, and a reminder is given about the benefits of wielding an instrument. i.e. A player does not need to switch instruments if they have one equipped already and carry the one they need. It’s equipping is assumed.
  4. There are currently three values of instrument available per instrument:- 0-2500 will give a + 1 bonus variable, 2501-4500 will give a + 2 bonus variable, and > 4500 will give a + 3 bonus variable. (i.e. In the values below change a 1 value to 2 or 3 for the more expensive instruments where appropriate … or double/triple the value.):
  1. Song of Courage : + 1 ATT + 1 DAM
  2. Inspire Defence : + 1 AC
  3. Inspire Jarring : Penalties + 2 Disc + 1 Conc
  4. Inspire Toughness : + 1 Saves
  5. Inspire Legion : + 1 DAM + 2 RNDs Duration
  6. Inspire Heroics : + 1 AC + 1 Saves HP Boost
  7. Haven Song: + 2 Sanc Boost + 2 RNDs Duration (*)
(*) Any instrument does this.

  1. Inspire Competence: + 1 Skills
  2. Inspire Slowing : + 1 Will DC + 5% Slow
  3. Cloud Mind Song : + 2 DC + 2 RNDs Duration
  4. Fascinate Song: + 2 DC + 2 RNDs Duration
  5. Haven Song: + 2 Sanc Boost + 2 RNDs Duration (*)
(*) Any instrument does this.

  1. Inspire Regeneration: + 1 HP Regeneration
  2. Ironskin Chant: + 1 Damage Reduction + 2 RNDs
  3. Countersong: + 2 Spell Resist + 2 RNDs
  4. Song of Freedom: + 2 Level Boost. Large Radius.
  5. Haven Song: + 2 Sanc Boost + 2 RNDs Duration (*)
(*) Any instrument does this.

NB: The CAMPAIGN code allows the instruments to be used to give a bonus after updating the folder. However, the instruments descriptions (as above) will only show on newly purchased instruments from a fresh MODULE start. The important point is that the bonuses apply whether you get the instrument description or not.

Other updates for the campaign in the latest versions include:-
  1. AREA TRANSITION CODE: Tidying of some conversations and transition code.
  2. RAVEL CAMERA: Ravel’s conversation has had some camera angle changes.
  3. PATCH INFO: A default “Aargh! Forgot!” type message just in case.
  4. REST INFO CORRECTION: Rule update that rest limitations can be worse than 50%.
  5. ALTARS: Altars now stop interaction until Life Role set as Channeler or Harvester.
  6. FIXMAINPC FIX: Removes an invisible creature that should be removed after use.

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