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Saturday, 15 December 2018

The Adventure Continues .... 7. Unearthing Lies & Treasures! (Module Scripts Removal)

The last session went relatively well, albeit still requiring some essential fixes along the way. However, the fact that I was able to quickly save the game, load the toolset to apply the fix and then reload a game so we could continue, should demonstrate how minimal these alterations were. Essential, but small.

The important thing to note with the next v2.22 release, however, is not just the fixes, which I will address below in a moment, but that I have now moved some dialogues and scripts that were once in the module folder, into the campaign folder. What this does, is allow me to continue to update the campaign folder alone, without having to add a hak for our session with each module update; as all the module fixes to date (as opposed to campaign fixes), has only required dialogue and script updates. This also speeds things up when it comes to overall fixes, as I do not keep having to check if the dialogue or script being fixed is a module one that required putting into the hak to check if the fix even worked! This should be a win-win for everybody. And now to this session fixes ...

The List of Fixes

1) ACCUSATION GUI: At the end of the quest involving a murder, the heroes are given the results of their investigation in a GUI. Unfortunately, however, the GUI (which is offered to all players), had inadvertently been left in a state where even the player who activated the GUI could not close the GUI for themselves (and others). This may sound similar to last session's bug, but differs in that the button selection was disabled even for the main player and so they did not even reach the point of closing it even for themselves. (This, in turn, would have closed it for the remaining players, which was the bug fixed last time).

2) RIPPED PUZZLE FEEDBACK: If a PC has the Expert Decoder feat, they are supposed to receive feedback in a ripped puzzle as to how many pieces were in the correct position after moving them around. Unfortunately, while the Notice Text was working, it was hidden behind the main puzzle GUI. (We missed that point while playing.) And the Chat Box feedback had only worked for the host, so I had to give feedback as they worked the puzzle. The feedback has now been fixed to display to all players.

3) GOLD MONEY BAG TRANSFER: I have a new GUI that allows players to much more easily be able to transfer items between the party members. A simple right click on an item, choose "Give To" option and a GUI presents a list of PCs to whom the item can be transferred, with weight allowances remaining. Items with inventories and money bags are transferred slightly differently to other items and I noticed that when one player transferred a single bag to another PC, that their remaining gold bag also disappeared. (It was destroyed.) This problem was caused if a player has a Target highlighted (in the box at the top of the screen), and then applies the transfer. In this case, a valid object was perceived because of the above targeting and caused the code to go awry. If the player did not have a target highlighted, all went well. To fix this, I ensured the object (even if targeted) was later set as an INVALID OBJECT when referring to items with inventories or gold money bags. (I refunded Myara the 500 gp that went missing this way.)

4) SCRAP SCRAPPING PCS: This was a faction problem. When the player temporarily dismissed Scraps from the party, Scraps turned and attacked the PC. (Abandonment problems I guess.) A quick edit of the script relating to the henchman removal ensured Scraps (and other henchmen) would not turn aggressive in future. How or why this had happened is not clear, as I had not had this experience in my own testing ... ever.

5) PLATFORM SPEECH: A very minor issue relating to player click timing. Basically, when a player clicked on the platform to give their accusation speech, they could click again before the script had finished firing and stop the action. As their is a two second delay between click and conversation, a player may think nothing is happening and try clicking again .... and so on. Now, I have made it so once clicked the first time, the player loses control of further commands until the speech is underway. As a point of interest, it was while fixing these scripts that I decided to move all the module dialogues and scripts to the campaign folder. It made it much easier to test, especially after I realised that all my alterations were for nothing because I was working with module scripts that required being placed into the hak before being able to test properly.

6) CONVERSATION TRANSITIONS: Apart from Scraps giving us aggro when leaving the party, this was probably the worst issue on the night. Whenever the heroes tried to transition via a conversation, they failed due to a check that stopped transition if anybody was in a conversation. Well, this transition was from a conversation, so that went nowhere fast! However, that was not the only issue with this path of area transition: I also discovered that the current PC rather than the Main PC was being jumped, which gave all sorts of delays and transition issues. This issue has now been fixed in both areas, and testing shows all works fine now.

The Heroes Finally Gain Entrance To The Guild Hall

The Adventure Continues ... 7. Unearthing Lies & Treasures!

And the murderer is ....

NB: Contains spoilers for Option 1 background.

The heroes found nearly 500 gold coins inside the bag that was left in the statue that stood atop Sophie's grave. It was a hefty sum, and before heading back to Kathy to break her the news, the heroes decided to take a look at some of the other nearby graves, wondering, if they too may hold some secret perhaps?

It wasn't long before Myara believed that she may well have discovered something on a nearby grave belonging to somebody by the name of Josiah Clacks. The text appeared to be some sort of cipher. The rogue sat studying it for a while, with Helden offering some advice here and there, but eventually the heroes decided they need to do some research on ciphers before continuing here.

The rest of the graveyard was otherwise quiet and as one would expect, and so Helden led the group back to Kathy's where they delivered the news of what they had been working on and what they had found for her as a legacy from Sophie. Kathy was bemused, but thankful, and even gave the heroes 200 gp from the stash they had recovered.

Back at the Bloated Buckle,  the heroes now had to push their investigation and interrogate the two suspects they had discovered from Sophie's diary. Helden and Myara wasted no time and confronted Sandy and Doug. After the interrogations, Helden confessed that he felt they both had good reasons to be guilty, but Myara said her gut feeling was that Doug Millerson was the guilty party. The heroes asked around some more, and after speaking with Karl (Kathy's wife), Myara was even more convinced that Doug was their man, as Kathy appeared to have an alibi as to her whereabouts, whereas Doug did not. After reviewing what they had discovered, Helden was finally persuaded to take to the stand and speak to the patrons of the inn about the matter.

Helden was not long into his speech when Orechin turned up with some guards, ready to support whatever the party had determined to do. And when Helden pointed the blame to Doug, the guards made a quick arrest before the miller's son had chance to make his escape. A quick search of Doug revealed a bloodied dagger and more gold than expected, and so the case was considered closed, and the party handsomely rewarded for their efforts. In a short while, the activity at the inn returned to normal, and the heroes finally had time to rest.

While the clerics studied their holy books and the wizard his spell book, Myara studied the art of deciphering code, and by the morning she felt more prepared to have another go at the strange text upon Josiah Clack's grave.

Although the heroes spent some time working on the text, it was worth the time as they learned of a treasure horde located somewhere just north of the village. Helden wasted no time, readied the shovel he had found nearby, and strode off in the direction that the decoded text suggested they would find the treasure. In only a few moments, Helden had dug up Josiah's buried treasure chest, and Myara began to put her newly acquired skills to work on the colourful and elaborate lock that sealed the chest tightly shut. In a short while, Myara had cracked the lock and had access to the horde. And what a horde! There were gems and over a 1000 gold coins! Her newly acquired feat was already paying back dividends.

Along with the treasure, there was another letter  from the long dead Josiah speaking of a sword he once carried as an adventurer: A sword he had called "Betsy", which Josiah had apparently hidden in a secret compartment within the local Guild Hall. This was a too good of an opportunity to ignore, and the heroes immediately headed for the guildhall, hoping it may now be open, having been shut two days ago.

On the way there, Helden spied another sewer entry, which reminded him of the missing workers and the job they still had to do with respect to the Guild Hall anyway. On closer inspection, the heroes noticed that this sewer entrance appeared "broken open". Metal fatigue perhaps? The hole was quite large, however, and the heroes found they could easily fit into the sewers from here, although Scraps refused to go with them. However, rather than continue the search of the sewer hands this way, Helden determined they ought to try to speak with the authorities at the Guild Hall first, and so turned back. Thankfully, when they were stopped by the Empire Guardian this time around and offered to help with the sewer problem they had discovered a couple of days ago, the guardian let them enter.

GAME TIME SINCE START: 9 Hours 53 Minutes.

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