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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Adventure Continues .... 10. Searching The Sewers! (Minor Fixes & Updates.)

Another successful session this time around, with very few issues. In fact, the worst issue was due to the player on WAN suffering some broadband bandwidth limitations, which was quickly resolved after a computer reboot and a stop of some background activities. Here are the lists:-

The List of Fixes

1) MAP PIN DEBUG FEEDBACK: There was some debug feedback that needed commenting out relating to Map Pins. Now commented out. (Did not affect play.)

2) AREA MAP BUTTON: In a MP game the ability to jump areas to update map pins should be disabled for all players always. This briefly showed on first load. This has now been removed. (Did not affect play.)

3) CREATURE ITEMS DROP:  The chieftain lizard folk in the sewers had some creature items set as "Droppable". These have now been fixed. (This fix requires a module update.) (Did not affect play.)

The List of Updates

1) VIGOUR TWEAK: (Another slight vigour tweak, that actually took place in v2.26.

2) SEARCH DEACTIVATION: If a player uses auto-pause TB Combat, and is currently in search mode, the auto-pause will now also remove search mode from all companions (or uncontrolled PCs) when auto-pause is activated.

Helden Refills His Oil Flasks

The Heroes Encounter Lizard Folk!
... And Oozes!
But Finally Make A Rescue!
And Continue Working With The Sewer Access Units

The Adventure Continues ... 10. Searching The Sewers!

Oozes .... Should we run?

NB: Contains spoilers for Option 1 background.

Fully refreshed, the heroes lit their torches and lantern and returned to the stinking sewer tunnels. Their goal was to search for the sewer hands lost down here for the past few days, and, if possible, continue working on the sewer access units that they came across.

Retracing their steps, the heroes made their way to the larger sewer water divide they had come across the day before, and examined the body in the water that lay there. The body and the puncture wounds it sported were fresh .... and this did look like the remains of one of those that they had been looking for.

It was not long before the heroes discovered what has caused those wounds, as they suddenly found themselves under attack from lizard folk: a scaly creature who liked to make a home in water ways, and these sewers offered a natural habitat for these creatures. To the average villager, these creatures had proven a deadly threat, but to the armed party, ready for such encounters, these creatures were unable to offer any kind of real threat, even if they did score the occasional wound on the forward fighters, Helden and Flint.

It soon became obvious as the party continued to explore the sewers, that these scaly creatures had taken over the mid-section of the sewers, and the party took it upon themselves to rid the underground labyrinth of these foul monsters. Thankfully, the lair was relatively new, and the numbers encountered were few and scattered, making dealing with them a lot more manageable than if they had been encountered all at once. And even though the tribe was supported by one or two shaman, even their summoned wolves could offer no resistance to the heroes, who quickly dealt with every encounter with ease.

In fact, the more difficult encounter came when the heroes smashed their way past some crates and uncovered a pair of grey oozes. This caught the heroes by surprise, as they had not seen them as they made their way towards a sewer access unit. Then, suddenly, Threska cried out, and, not knowing what these ooze types were, Helden sounded a quick retreat for the time being. However, trying to flee from a fast slithering ooze in its natural environment was never going to succeed, and so the two fighters, Helden and Flint turned back to help the dwarf cleric, while Myara supported with bow shots.

The oozes released acid, which damaged the weapons, but thankfully, not at a rate that was able to destroy the weapons before they had been slain by the heroes themselves. It was a brief encounter and one that left the heroes with more damage to their weapons than themselves; and while the clerics applied healing to the wounds of those that needed it, it would take extra work at a repair station for the weapons when they were next able.

Eventually, the heroes broke through to the main central chambers of the sewers, where the lizard folk had set up the core residence. Here they encountered a heavy brute of a chieftain, and a larger number of defendants. Even with more support, however, these lizard folk stood little chance against the might and magic of the party. Once the battle was over, all that was left to do was to destroy the lizard folk eggs, and the last remaining evil would be eradicated.

When searching the lizard folk chambers, the heroes found a couple of caged sewer hands, including the one called Jed. Thankfully, at least these two sewer hands had survived, and the one called Jed also gave the heroes the all important Sewer Access Key that they needed to complete the sewer task they had accepted. Without further discussion, the two sewer hands made a quick exit from the sewers following the path the heroes had taken to reach this point.

With the key they needed, the heroes now went about checking over the sewer access units and began to start making calibration readings that they needed to be able to make the repairs. They had managed to locate five units so far, and with Helden leading the way, the heroes retraced their steps and used the key on the units they had discovered to date. Helden, took the initiative and after a few examinations of the units, started to recognise how each needed to be repaired. Some were further off the mark than others, but at least the heroes had now also recovered the two set of gems during their recent search of the sewers. However, Helden concluded that they should find the remaining units and learn of their calibration values before they start applying the crystals to make repairs.

It was now 1.00 am, however, and the heroes were already tired from the numerous combats throughout the night, and determined it best to leave the sewers for now, and have a good night's rest at the Bloated Buckle before continuing their search. To this end, the heroes made their way back to the sewer exit, gleaning calibrations as they went, and finally exited into the fresh clean night air! They immediately headed towards the inn, but as they made their way, Jed, who had been waiting for them after escaping the sewers, ran up to them and gave them a ring as a reward for saving him.

Grateful for his reward, the heroes bid him goodnight and finally settled down for the night at the inn. The heroes made a few quick notes of what they needed to do the following day, but everyone of them was grateful for a good clean bath and a good night's rest.

GAME TIME SINCE START: 15 Hours 37 Minutes.

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