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Friday, 28 December 2018

The Adventure Continues .... 11. The Unwelcome Break! (Corrupted Save Game)

This report is two sided: First off in that we did manage to play something of a session, but, frustratingly for the second, it will have to be repeated! This is all due to a corrupted save game from the session before last. So, although this report addresses some issues I have fixed since the last session, all of tonight's storyline will have to be repeated in a catch up session. This is because while I managed to get the session up and running by using a "new" DM to replace the broken DM version, the problem turned out to be in the actual "module" section of the saved game, which contains the "state" of the module, including monsters either dead or alive. This meant that when testing a load from a newly saved game of the latest session, the DM was still broken.

I concluded that the corrupted save came after the player on WAN started to suffer lag on his broadband. I remember we had to save and reload a couple of times, and we started to experience some strange occurrences then. After checking, the last good save position was at 14 Hours 4 Minutes. Bearing in mind that our last recorded session time was 16 Hours 35 minutes, this means we will have to replay about 2.5 hours, which will probably actually equate to around 1-2 hours tops. So, hopefully, by the end of the next session, we should have caught up and done a little more than what I record here today.

The List of Fixes

1) TODD NAME FIX: Todd's name (the blacksmith) had a default value "dwarf", which displayed. This has now been removed and the MODULE has been updated. (The fix only shows when started from this module.)

2) TODD CONVERSATION LOGIC: There was an illogical flow towards the end of Todd's conversation if the heroes killed Joss and Billy prior to speaking with Todd. This has now been fixed.

3) DM BUTTON OPTIONS: Prevented the DM from clicking on some buttons not relevant to them.

4) DEATH SCREEN (MP): Stopped the "Load" prompt from keep showing in a loop when trying to reload after a MP death. (SP has to keep looping because they can re-spawn.)

5) PATCH INFO: The patch information now only gives update info if the player is updating/patching. i.e. It does not show from a fresh started game.

6) SPELL CAST AI LOGIC: Updated the AI feedback to work better with TB auto-pause function. Now only updates when character sheet closes if TB auto-pause active. Clearer feedback.

7) LOAD GAME CHECKS: Placed more stringent stop checks when a player loads a game to help prevent spurious events and feedback (inc combat auto starting, equip feedback, etc). I also added a new GUI that tells a loading DM if the DM/Game no longer recognises the DM as a DM. This is what happened to our game and gives a heads up that the host needs to load an earlier, non-corrupt, game.

8) PARTY ITEM CHECKS (MP): Expanded the "party" check for items when playing a MP game. i.e. Some items can be checked from all players rather than just one player's PCs. E.g. If player one holds an item that player 2 can make use of with a placeable, they no longer have to pass the item to that player for the player to be able to continue interaction as if they had the item too.

To reiterate, NONE of the above fixes stopped play, but all of them should clarify or make play easier.

Of Course It Was A Trap!

The Adventure Continues ... 11. The Unwelcome Break!

Is this for real or just a premonition?

NB: Contains spoilers for Option 1 background.

Exiting the inn, the heroes appreciated the fresh morning air compared to the dreadful stench of the sewers they had been exploring of late. The sewer job still waited completion, but the heroes wanted to acquire new equipment to help prepare them better for what may lay ahead in the next sewer section. After all, they had encountered oozes, which had damaged their weapons, so now they wanted to find more information about how best to tackle them. The local stores sold a book entitled, "If It Splits, So Should You!" Myara bought and read it immediately, before passing it on to Karasten to read also. In it, they read about Ooze Resistant Oil that could be applied to weapons, which sounded like a good idea and determined to acquire some if they could.

Helden then decided to visit Todd, and help the party become better equipped in both armour and weapons, especially ranged weapons. The group spent quite a large amount of gold that they had recently acquired from the lizard fold of the sewers, but believed the quality of new equipment was well worth it.

As they left the blacksmith's, Myara spied Billy (one of the two journeymen that had locked Todd's chest) and confronted him. When quizzed about Todd's combination code, the ruffian said he would meet the heroes in the boathouse, where he would give them the code. The heroes were highly suspect, and were right to be so, as when they followed Billy into the boathouse shortly after, they suddenly found themselves locked in and confronted by both Billy and Joss, and a couple of other undesirables in combat.

While not totally unexpected, the sudden onslaught was still an unwelcome morning exercise, and not the welcome break from the sewers they had first anticipated. The battle was short-lived, and it was clear the ruffians had not anticipated the strong resistance of the party. Within a few minutes, the journeymen and their partners were dead, and the heroes were picking up their possessions. Thankfully, the journeymen had noted the two digits of the code they possessed on some of their clothing, and so the heroes had a good idea of Todd's combination now. Before they left, however, they noticed a locked door, and after opening it with a key found on Joss, they discovered Kurt (the boathouse owner) who had been locked away by the band of ruffians in his own office.

Kurt was thankful for his release and gave the heroes a reward, including a Chameleon Stone he had hauled in during a fishing trip. After giving thanks, and ensuring the old man was OK, the heroes returned to Todd, whereupon they gave the news regarding their progress with the combination code. Within just a few moments, Myara had cracked the code and was handing Todd his possessions. True to his word, he rewarded the heroes, who chose a copy of the armour molds to work from.

After saying goodbye to Todd, the heroes were finally able to get back on track and head again to the sewers. As they made their way, passing from the guildhall cellar to the sewers, all of them could not help but think, as the sewer stink reached their nostrils, that it was as if the last day was repeating itself ... ;)

TOTAL SESSION TIME (UNPAUSED): 58 Minutes. (After trying to fix the broken DM.)
GAME TIME SINCE START: 16 Hours 35 Minutes.

GAME RERUN TIME: 2 Hours 31 Minutes. (Probably 1-2 Hours actual.)

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