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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Toolset Crash

I was working on adding some spell components today and the tool set crashed as I went to save it. It's a pain when that happens, especially when I have been demotivated of late. I was trying to get involved again, and instead, found I had to go back two modules and redo a couple of things I had already done. Fortunately, there was not too much to do (as I have not been doing much lately) and furthermore, in the process, I made a discovery. The bit I had done tonight was easily recoverable, as I had saved the work within the campaign folder, which meant all work was saved independent of the module. The work I had to redo involved the section where I had amalgamated my new Captured Spell Books (still awaiting final beta testing before being released) with the main module. While it did not take long for me to get the files back in order, I discovered in the process that one of my edited OC XML files required special placement for the module to work properly.

To date, every other XML file I have worked on, appears to work fine if placed within the Campaign folder and not placed anywhere else, including my own and altered OC files. However, I discovered fontfamily.xml required being placed inside the custom UI folder for the text in my readable books and spell books to even show. My guess is that because the fontfamily.xml file is used by the readable books and spell books XML files, it needs to be placed in a higher priority than even the Campaign folder. Hence, the module only worked after I placed the file in the higher priority custom UI folder. I will have to ensure people are aware of this when they use this module.

Even though I still have a handful of mechanic scripts to write, I can say that I have been encouraged by the feedback I received from an earlier post to start work on the actual scenario instead now. I have already outlined the scenario, and have decided that I will start designing and coding the adventure prior to finishing off surrounding mechanics, and will get back to that side of coding as and when I feel the need. The final few areas that I am putting to one side include:

1) Finishing spell components and foci requirements.
2) Finish the rest system and wiz/sorc spell book requirements.
3) Complete creature drops surrounding alchemy and special drops.

For those interested, the working title for the first adventure in the new era is, "The Devil You Know."

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