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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Escape From The Sewers (ADV)

This week went smoothly with no faults to report. The only thing I did have to correct this week, was where I had used the name "Helden" by mistake instead of "Karasten" in some of the synopses. These have now been corrected. (Both PCs are played by the same player, but Helden is not played in this adventure.)

The only other thing I noticed was the elapsed time was slightly less than the time we actually played, by about 15 minutes. I do, however, already have this noted as a known issue for the module, as the timer appears to only be approximate, especially when used in a MP game where one player is accessing from a distance rather than in a LAN game. I also believe if there is a slower computer being used on the network, then this too has an impact on the timer.


"Eventually, the heroes made it back to storage chamber one and Karasten entered the combination code they had acquired earlier to gain entrance to the room. Inside, there was a bookcase and a number of crates. The bookcase contained a number of procedure manuals, which Karasten made note of, and all but one of the crates held spare parts to the sewer pump system. The crate that was supposed to hold diaphragm seals was empty, and it turned out from a note in a nearby desk that the workers had been salvaging old seals from manual pumps due to lack of supplies." Read the full synopsis here.

As a side note, I finished the NWN2 OC yesterday. I found the last battle extremely hard to do and had to replay the Merdelain (I reckon that should be "Murder Lane") area due to running too low on party resources by the time I reached the three Shadow Reavers.

Controlling that many PCs was also extremely hard, and I learned from this experience how not to (in my opinion) make a combat, grand finale or otherwise. Maybe its just because I am not a good player, but I simply felt overwhelmed and had to make a lot of use of save and load to get to the end. Overall though, I found the experience good fun and I believe I did prefer it to NWN1, simply because of the ability to have more control. It just felt like too much at the end. ;)

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