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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sewer Pump Failure (ADV)

Sometimes I wonder if NWN code decides to do its own thing on occasion. For while the game went reasonably smoothly tonight, there was, however, one incident when a Citadel Exterminator appeared to be set as indestructible and not take any damage. Why this happened, I am still not certain. Fortunately, as DM I was able to ensure the problem was fixed, but not after it caused some problems with attacking the PCs. In hindsight, I wonder if it may have been something I did as a DM, but I don't recall doing anything in particular. I also went through the scripts after the session and found one script that would set anything that passed through it as "plot". Why I had this I have no idea, but I have since removed the code and made it an update in patch v1.05. I also ensured that if a PC carried more than one of the same type of bag that they could no longer take advantage of an exploit whereby items would not be removed from a second or third bag (plus) of the same type.

The heroes have managed to make gradual process through the sewers and have finally gained access to the Pump Control Station, where they have now recognised that fixing the Access Control Panels must be their next priority.


"There was one other feature they quickly came to recognize in these tunnels, and that was small caged access elevators that lead to lower sections of sewers. As they continued to explore this region, they found a number of them that led to other sections, and others that had failed, which meant the heroes had to find other ways to reach the various sections. In all the sewers were a maze of tunnels and everywhere required time to search properly." Read the full synopsis here.

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