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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tomes of Times Past (ADV)

This week, the fifth, was another great week without any problems or issues and everybody was around to appreciate the game. The session started at the beginning of the third level of the tower and ended up with the players about to go to the fourth level. Read all about this week's adventure in the synopsis, now available at the website. There is a snippet below as usual:

SYNOPSIS: (SESSION XP: 288) 17/09/1197

"In this room, however, there was also a strange floating automaton that eyed the newcomers without any signs of concern. Grimbold and Wanda slowly approached the mechanism, and as they did so, it spoke with a metallic voice, "How may I assist?"

In fact, the only issues I had this week was trying to locate extra web space to upload a copy of the book the players found: "Ado Ia Dom". I normally have tons of web space with Microsoft Office Live, but their server appears down at the moment and I cannot upload anything. In the meanwhile, I have used the last part of my own ISP server space to store the PDF file, but will move it when the MS server is back up. I have also uploaded the pages as JPG files to be viewed online from the website, although they may not be as clear to read as the PDF file. (Check out the synopsis from the link above.) UPDATE: The file has now been moved to the Microsoft site.

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