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Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Soul Shaking Moment!

Today, for some unknown reason (call it suspicion), I decided to do just one last double check on the current module's ability to transfer the PCs data into Soul Shaker, which I hope we will start playing next week - and I am glad that I did, as I found some errors! As you can imagine, I was not too pleased as it meant having to redo some code for Soul Shaker as well as the current module, just to be sure everything synchronised alright.

As it happens, I could do most of the fixes from the current module, but there were two aspects that required me having to update Soul Shaker:
  1. The opening journal entry was incorrect for players joining from Althéa.
  2. I had missed two racial checks for setting a camera on the player.

These fixes have now been added to Soul Shaker and the module has been updated on the Vault.

I first considered a problem might be present when I had a vague recollection of updating an important script a few months ago that handled the data transfer from one module to the other. At the time, the update was straightforward enough and worked fine for normal play. However, because in the Althéa campaign the players play their PCs via a player mannequin (PM), the incorrect details were being recorded from the PM rather than recording the details from the PC being played/controlled with the PM.

I have now updated both the Soul Shaker module (v0.18) and the current module (0.04) to allow a successful entry into the Soul Shaker module whether playing a normal PC or when playing a PC via a PM (as with the Althéa campaign). Let us now hope for a smooth transition when the time comes.

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