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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tombs of the Dead (ADV)

The sixth week of this adventure saw the heroes venture into the fourth and part way into the fifth level of the tower of Torén Norus. While there were no major glitches this week, I did notice a small problem that required a fix ready for next week, and there was a minor problem with an object being missed (which has now been fixed and I will ask the players to retrace their steps for next week to discover it). All these fixes have been added to the TNPatch 0.04, ready for next week's play. Read all about this week's adventure in the synopsis, now available at the website. There is a snippet below as usual:

SYNOPSIS: (SESSION XP: 141 + 100 bonus for Karasten and Myara) 17/09/1197

"There were a number of open crypts around the large chamber in which they found themselves, but everyone was drawn towards the huge obelisk towards the centre of the tower. It stood firm and tall and had fiery glyphs drawn on every one of its sides. When approached they revealed their message for all, "Here lie the Elf Lord founders. Their memories will never be forgotten all the while the towers of Torén Norus and Torné Norus stand."

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