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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tower Lockdown! (ADV)

Week three saw the heroes exploring the lower levels of Torén Norus and having their first encounters with some of its defences. There was a minor glitch with a Golem Guardian having extra attacks during combat, but this was easily sorted during play and has been fixed in TNPatch 0.03. Two other issues raised were not problems in the end:

1) The gargoyles and elf warriors were supposed to appear non-hostile initially. This was to help demonstrate how the lockdown now in place had malfunctioned.

2) The Golem Guardian did not show XP awarded because the DM was controlling it at the time. The XP was still calculated, however, and future rewards will show as usual as the DM will no longer have to possess the Golem due to the code now being fixed.

SYNOPSIS: (SESSION XP: 1375) 17/09/1197

The synopsis is available at the website now! Here is a snippet:

"As Helden responded that the group wished to remain where they were for the time being, something appeared to affect Celad, and his response was one of confusion and a sudden recognition that an evil force had entered the tower. To this end, Celad immediately responded by placing the ancient tower under some sort of magikal lockdown. At once, all spell casters of the group were aware that their magik had been compromised in some way and other members of the group noticed glowing pentacles appear under nearby door frames where they had not been before. Then Caled was gone!"

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