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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Breach of Torén Norus (ADV)

The second week back to D&D and the heroes have now managed to gain entrance to Torén Norus. There were a couple of issues in the code this week, but nothing that could not be worked around and fixed in the TNPatch 0.02:

1) The PC names were replaced by an "EMPTY" string within combat and equipping menus. This was due to the module overwriting the PC variable upon a reload and the PC not updating it again due to being in the PC's OnSpawn. I moved this to the OnConversation and all is now well. This problem only occurred due to using a "saved game" option rather than starting afresh from the database.

2) A conversation with Celad Imyn failed to give an "I give up!" option if the PCs ran out of items to give him. During the session, we had to reload and replay this section of the game. Fortunately, this did not take too long to do. I have now added the "I give up!" option to the top conversation menu if the players have offered everything to Celad. This option must be used to reach the conversation that gives the heroes access to the tower.

SYNOPSIS: (SESSION XP: 547) 16/09/1197 - 17/09/1197

NB: An extra 500 XP needs to be added to each PC for gaining entrance to the tower!

The synopsis is available at the website now! Here is a snippet:

"Grimbold paced about the outer edge of the circle, obviously anxious, while Myara was keen to find out what kind of treasures may lay beyond! Karasten tried to dispel the circle with his own magik, but when that failed, Grimbold could not contain himself any longer and decided to risk whatever magik was here for the sake of what lay beyond. At the moment he passed the circle's edge, however, the circle's magik summoned a Bodak! "

And for those players that missed the effect as they entered the tower, here it is again:

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