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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Slow Start To The New Year

Unfortunately, I have not been able to do much writing since the start of the New Year, as circumstances at home have demanded my attention. Hopefully, that will change soon, and as the year progresses, I hope to be able to return to designing and writing with NWN2.

Today, I made the decision to close the World of Althéa Forums and site users are now directed to this blog to leave any comments.

Plans to play D&D were postponed from last Wednesday's schedule to allow more time for people to return to a more stable timetable after the New Year. Now, the restart should take place next Wednesday 9th January. If all goes to plan, I will have a synopsis of the evening session posted here. I used to post to the website, but this blog seems the more appropriate place now, as it allows players and readers to leave comments if they wish to.

I have managed to play some NWN: HotU with my friend, but other than that, my time at the computer has been spent with work related issues or non-D&D stuff.

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