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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Beta Test 9.0 (Part 9)

I genuinely thought that this post was going to be the one when I was going to announce the release of this module. It's that close! However, a few of bugs crept up during play, which would have frustrated me if I had not sorted them again, and so it's not quite there yet. Here is the list of "sneaky" bugs (not easily noticed) that caused me the problem this time:-

1) RESTING - Fixed a bug when resting started from a companion (miscalculating rations).
2) RESTING - Fixed constructs to now ignore the need for rations.
3) ARCAENE SCROLLS - Fixed a missing base item value check. (Were casting at the wrong level.)
4) ENCOUNTER - Fixed some "undead" encounters that were "absent" outside of "TEST MODE".
5) RUNE BAG - Fixed feedback when "activated" by the Main PC. (Required CAST as well as ACTIVATE.)

CURRENT PLAY TIME: 35 hours and 7 minutes.
Into The Unknown

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