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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Beta 9.0 (Part 12)

The time is drawing ever closer to release, and today marks the beginning of the final stages of testing. I believe this may even be my last "beta testing" post entry (ignoring responses to this post), and my next post may be announcing the release of this module in a new "Support" post! It really all depends upon what I find in the next (potentially last) session. Anyway, onto the latest list of finds:-


 1) PLOT FEEDBACK - Removed some superfluous feedback regarding plot items.
2) PARTY RALLY - Now ignores henchmen and Main PC that could give erroneous feedback.
3) SECRET COMPARTMENT - Changed default action to use. (Sometimes prevented lock GUI.)
4) CONVERSATIONS - Fixed a couple of typos, an incorrect link and some missing cameras.
5) MASTER MAPPER - Fixed a couple of events where the auto-mapping was not auto-restarting.
6) VFX INSTANCES - Fixed VFX removal where more instances were present than I realised.
7) ANIMAL PRESENT - Fixed a "REMOVE ANIMAL" warning missing from a check.
8) UNDEAD WEAPON - Fixed a missing SLAM attack on some undead creatures.
9) MONSTER POSITION - Fixed/added missing post locations of some creatures.
10) PLACEABLES - Stopped some placeables from disappearing after use (that were not meant to).
11) LOOTING - Prevented some looting on a placeable before the PCs were meant to.
12) COMPANION AI - Removed some AI alterations done on PC swap. (Redundant code of mine?)
13) DEATH ANIMATION - The main PC did not always look dead - Hopefully, this fixed it.
14) JOURNAL ENTRY - Fixed an illogical entry and some XP based upon it.
15) ENCOUNTER TIMING - Removed 0.5 second delay that allowed PCs to move too far.


1) PARTY RALLY - PCs now mainly appear behind the Main PC rather than around it.
2) ANIMAL PRESENT - Added an option to allow an animal to STAY in the area when dismissed.
3) ENCOUNTER - Added an encounter where I felt one was needed.
4) EQUIPPED WEAPON - Altered some feedback when giving player equipped weapon info of PCs.
5) BARBARIAN RAGE - Made "raging cry" more creature generic.
6) DATE FEEDBACK - Added the hour to any date feedback given.
7) JOURNAL ENTRY - Added some extra information in the journal for a quest reminder.

 CURRENT PLAY TIME: 42 hours and 0 minutes.

We Have Come A Long Way!

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