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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Beta Testing (6.0)

I am still running through a final beta test (version 6.0), and have already ironed out one or two minor bugs that had haunted earlier beta testing, including ...

1) Conversations failing to fire due to too many conditional checks. (Condition moved to another script.)
2) The main PC losing focus on a reload. (An on entry fix.)

I have currently played around five hours in this beta test and have had no plot issues or continuity errors, which is great news. However, I did have to fix the following ...

1) Feedback on Chameleon stones: The player now has the PC with the highest Set Trap skill check the stone for traps if they are available and able in the group. Also, additional checks are made automatically, allowing the possibility of learning more information over time.

2) Fixed an NPC interjection (Kasandra) that was not firing due to the script that called the conversation not working properly.

3) Fixed weather system.

Note: None of these additional fixes are game breaking, but instead, remove "frustration elements" or amend "flavour elements" that would be missing otherwise.

To remind you, I hope to have the module fully tested within the next month or so, and have a final version released shortly into the new year. If I don't write again this year, I wish you all a happy new year.

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