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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Module Reaches 94% (BETA IS 95%)

Even though I have taken a break for a couple of weeks, I decided that the module has progressed enough to be considered 94% done. Considering BETA testing takes place at 95%, then this really marks the final stages before asking for BETA testers. However, this last 1% for me before requesting testers runs the same risks of "delays" as the rest of the project has had.

So, what have I been trying to sort out lately? Well, here is a small list of things I have been looking at since I last blogged:

1) Finishing atmosphere/conversations/encounters for an area.
2) Improving Encounter scripts in general.
3) Fixed "names" of dropped unidentified items (to prevent showing).
4) Reworked/Improved Secret Door code.

And here is my list of outstanding:-

1) About 1.5 areas, with related content and code.
2) More updating the Bestiary for this module.
3) Add any LORE that may be required.
4) A few related journal entries still need finishing (still).
5) More combat balancing.

At the moment, I am spending time trying to get the lighting and sound right for areas ... I still have one or two areas that need looking at again. At some point, I also hope to add the bestiary and lore articles, which simply amounts to adding text and images. Then there are some journal entries that still require a bit more work, but as they relate to one or two quests that I am currently working with, then I cannot easily finish these until I have defined some variables.

Anyway, here are a couple of screenshots as I sign off for now ...

How do I get up there?
A quiet spot to rest ... Perhaps?

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