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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Saving The Day!

There's not much I can report on this week, as it's mostly been about scripting and conversations. I'd be giving too much away. I can mention that I managed to "fix" a potential problem related to AUTO-SAVING a game, and post a couple of screen shots to show what I am currently working on, so that's what I'll do ...


Background: There's a function available for single-player games (DoSinglePlayerAutoSave), where a builder can force an auto-save for the player if they think one may be important (or required) to prevent the player from suddenly finding themselves "dead" without having saved for a while.

The auto-save facility also has a related "automatic" save every few minutes, which is often used in multi-player environments. The problem is, however, many players don't like the timed auto-save taking place when they are in the middle of a game and edit the nwn2player.ini to stop this "feature" of the game from working. However, when this feature is disabled within the ini file, it stops the single-player function mentioned above from working as well, as I found out from my own experience.

This caused me a potential problem because I needed to make sure a game is saved at the start due to some database coding. In The Scroll, if a player starts the module and leaves again without saving first, then they cannot start the game afresh with the same PC. i.e. They can only return to the game with the same PC from a saved position. Hence, I needed to make sure there was an AUTO-SAVE at the start of the game. And while a simple message may have been sufficient (and is still the way I do it in a multi-player game in this case), I wanted to ensure the game was saved in a single-player environment.

The bottom line is, I was able to work around a copy of the existing save game GUI and create my own AUTO-SAVE facility that bypasses the ini check ... and even allows me to NAME the saved game file. So now, when the player exits the GUI warning about the game needing to be saved, the game does an AUTO-SAVE in a single-player game using the name I specify. Players who usually have the AUTO-SAVE feature disabled need not worry, as this is currently the only place I use the facility. However, it is good to know that I have a facility to do an AUTO-SAVE if I need to now ... and one that can be used in single or multi player environment and can have the save file named.


Where the player saves the game's day play, the heroes simply save the day ... usually. And while nothing too special, I thought these two screenshots might be interesting to some players ... the first shows the RWS tielset in action and the second a personalised SEF in play. NB: The SEF has been edited to not give any major spoilers.

How Do We Get Over There?

Unlocking A Projection!


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