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Thursday, 28 August 2014


I will post the second part of my "Games" blog at some point in the future, but for now, I wanted to report back on what I have been doing with the campaign.

I have been co-ordinating the "treasure" scripts. That is, those scripts the player probably appreciates most ... the ones that deal out the booty! There are a number of "treasure" scripts in the OC, and I have introduced a few of my own as well in the past. However, I wanted to make it easier to add the scripts to "placeables" and make use of *all* the scripts if possible. To that end I wrote a function that is fired when a player enters an area, which checks objects that have inventories, which in turn, checks what type of treasure to add to it using one of those scripts available to do so.

Apart from having to rewrite some of the OC scripts to work with my own systems (and to remove treasures that will not be available in this campaign), everything went smoothly and the treasures are varied indeed. Note, this system is the one that produces "stuff" in objects that can be interacted with; it is NOT the scripts I have designed for special items and treasures.

Here is a screenshot of the PC opening a crate:

New items have been added to the treasure finds!
This screenshot also demonstrates the "Closed GUI" option in play and the new inventory screen. Note how the item clicked in the crate's inventory has its description displayed in the player's inventory panel.

Things are gradually coming together again now ... There are still quite a few conversations that need doing, which I have to be in the right frame of mind to do. However, once they are done, and I have finished furnishing the remaining levels that need it, then this can go to BETA! Yeh! I dare not give an ETA on that though, as I don't know how involved those final conversations will be.

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