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Friday, 8 August 2014

Dungeon Delving

Who knows what accepting an "innocent" task might unravel? One minute you are carefully trying to negotiate a problem and the next you are deep into a dungeon. Every corner could hold surprises ... even corners that you think are safe. Such are the risks that an adventurer faces!

At some point, I hope to go into a more details post about dungeon writing, but for now, I will keep this blog simple with a quick update and some screen shots.

My latest writings have involved continuing conversations and encounters to one of the quests a player might stumble into if their curiosity is piqued. I have to admit, this dungeon is taking far longer than I first anticipated, not due to time required, but due to time available to do so. Personal health issues have demanded more attention, which, hopefully, will settle down again soon. Let's just say back, weight, sugar and ketone levels are all competing with my efforts on the module.

Once complete, I hope this dungeon will add an interesting insight into some of the way magik works in the world of Althéa. There is the "magic" of spellcraft and the "magik" of items. The two types can often be spoken about, but their nature is very different!

The first two screenshots also show the more "open view" that a player can switch to while exploring. i.e. Less chat and quickslot clutter.

The PC explores their surroundings.
And comes across a magik sealed door!
Somewhere a goblin smells elf flesh!

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