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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Development Continues ...

As I was working on the button puzzle mentioned in the last post, I discovered I needed similar functions I have used in a number of previous puzzles. So, I decided to move those functions into a new library and associate the new library with those scripts ... and all went smoothly! I just had to mention that after all the problems I had with the includes of late.

Other development has included continued work on the bestiary (adding info on the creatures that the first module includes); creating encounters (and reworking the way the encounter system works to allow for better response); continued conversation write up, and puzzle scripts.

That's all I can say this week, as it's all finishing doing what I have already talked about. But that's good right?

So, maybe this week can be one of open comments .... i.e. Is there anything you want  to discuss about the module that I can go into more detail in my next post? Anything you are not clear about? Just want to know more about a specific mechanic? Anything sound like it might be frustrating? Feel free to post your comments ... all welcome!

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