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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Slow Down Moment

To the point ... I have had a rough couple of weeks ... more than usual, and not been able to concentrate much on module building. In the little I did do, I experienced the familiar crash on exit due to altering another include file. This really should be the last time though, as I have no need (as far as I can see) of needing to alter them again. And if I do, I will resort to copying functions into the script in question and slightly renaming instead.

Annoying Include crash on toolset exit ... Again!
Hopefully, I will improve in the coming days and increase what I can do. I am not totally out of the picture, just no doing enough to especially report on.

A quick edit to show a scene I am working on ... This was quite hard to do!

Small statues above and off the normal walkmesh!

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