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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Communcation Breakdown & Stuff! (POLL: Blog Updates)

I have come to the conclusion that the breakdown of communication has to be one of the top reasons for stress and pain in the world. (I probably knew this already actually.) Personally, in the past two weeks, I have encountered it in at least three forms: First, through misinterpretations (see last week's blog); secondly, through forgetfulness (my mother) and thirdly, through complete breakdown (Internet loss while on Skype). I could make further comment and start referring to biblical misinterpretations, but for now will leave it at that. However, ask yourself the last reason for any stress in your life, and I reckon there is a reasonable chance it boils down to a communication breakdown of sorts.

The Module

AREA DESIGN: Anyway, back to the module .... I did manage to do some design on an interior area this week. It's still a work in progress and much of it will depend on what I finally use it for. Hosa has also contacted me this week, showing me an update to his current work on an area map he is doing for me. From the shots I saw, I would say its at least 75% done. When I have access to that, I will be able to start the scripting for it and hopefully ask Hosa to design some other areas for it.

BOOK: I also put together another book the PCs can come across in the game. It goes into more background about the Life Magik Stream and is something that helps flesh out some of the main story.

SCRIPTING: Finally, I also managed to do a little scripting towards traps. I wanted to add more options for interacting with a trap's potential on/off switch and have begun work to this end. I also decided to rewrite the official Trap Projectile script because it was limited in options. My own script works with other alterations I have made with spells and allows greater flexibility in power of the trap/spell than the original. I have also coded in some more randomness.

Blog Update Feedback

Lastly, on the subject of communication, I would like to ask how often people like to have blog updates? At the moment, I write once a week. However, as much of the main coding is now in place and its a simple matter of writing the plot to fill out the game, I am not sure how much I will be able to reveal from week to week, without spoiling the module. Therefore, I am considering changing my updates to once a fortnight. However, it may be that readers prefer once a week just to hear the latest comments regardless of how much or little there is to report. If this is the case, then it may be that I will fill some weekly blogs with "gaming info" rather than actual module work updates. Please let me know your preference by voting in the new side poll, and do leave a comment if you have a preference on what you like to read/hear about.


Anonymous said...

I'd say update as often as you see fit. I generally update only when there's something to say, and that varies (wildly) on a week to week basis. Our fans, such that they are, probably don't mind a missed week or so.

dgraf said...

Hey Lance - like CW said above. But I do enjoy your regular posts. I believe the important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing, and not blog just for bloggings sake.

Kamal said...

Like CW said, I generally write something when I think I have something interesting to show or talk about. If no one comments on my entries it feels like no one is reading. So when I get comments I'm more likely to blog more. But some entries are more for myself than an audience.

The blogger dashboard shows me when others update their blogs, and I enjoy reading them to see what other builders are up to.

I've tried to be open about my own building process. But if you don't want to spoil the story there's always talking about the various systems work or why you're using all three OC map systems. As a fellow builder I'm interested in things like that.

Maybe go and take some screenshots in non critical areas for those that love the screenshots.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. :)

From the feedback so far, I think I will adopt a flexible route and blog when I believe I have something worth sharing that won't spoil the module - and aim at a minimum of a post once every two weeks then.

Introducing game elements that will also appear in the game manual (as Kamal alludes to) may also be worth posting.

And maybe (with careful cropping) I might be able to pull off the odd screen shot. ;)