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Friday, 31 July 2009

Castle & Classic Cars

While I have been working on the module, I have also had the opportunity to sample some of the better weather we have had of late by taking a trip to a local castle: Chiddingstone Castle. It was a pleasant day out and we were blessed with the added bonus of a free classic car show while there. For those interested in some photos of a castle and a few classic car shots, take a look at this web album. (Can you spot the troll in her lair?) And here is the official Chiddingstone Castle Website if you want more information. It is the farthest and longest I have been out in quite some time and I am still recovering from the trip even now, but it was worth it, as I like to get inspiration for some building designs when visiting such places.

Picking Pockets

One of the gaming aspects I have been looking at is when a rogue attempts to pick an NPCs pockets. Having looked at it more closely, I discovered an issue where a PC does not always get "reproached" after being detected by their target. I made a post at the forums, but no-one has come back to my last post where I mention the issue. If anybody reading this blog can shed some light on how to resolve this, it would be a great help. :)

Zork - Great Underworld Empire

If you fancy a chance to play (or replay) the classic Zork I adventure game using the NWN2 interface, then look no further than Amraphael's excellent conversion at the Vault: ZORK – Rediscovering the Great Underground Empire. Amraphael (a.k.a Nilhar) has done some very impressive work in this module, and I am not too proud to say that there are some ideas that I would like to copy and consider using in my own.


Amraphael said...

Thanks for the plug, Lance! Steal all that you want from the module. That's why it there :)

Seems that was a great trip! Lot's of great photos!

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Amraphael,

No problem with the plug. :) It deserves a good look by people.

The trip with a fun distraction and it was good to get outside for a bit. ;)