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Sunday, 7 December 2008

100th Post - Winter Slow Down

This is my 100th post since starting this blog. Unfortunately, I do not have a great deal to say as I have been very run down again and not been up to using the toolset or anything really. :( More "coughing and sneezing" than "design and creation".

I did manage to code most of the Enhance Life section of the campaign, and as a consequence, I have decided that this ability will also be usable at any level rather than from 4th upwards. Of course, the player will have to discover how this is achieved first and so it may be they won't know how to make use of this until later levels anyway.

I did also manage to write down my first proper side-quest today. Without going into detail, I can say that it's a small mystery that will hopefully grab the imagination of a few detective type players. If I can write it as I hope, it could make an interesting little story itself.

As a side note, I have decided to sell off one of my 20" monitors and upgrade to a 24" one instead. That should arrive in the week, which may help to boost my enthusiasm to do more with the toolset. I also sold my existing printer and upgraded to an All-In-One. Sometimes, having a couple of new things like that help to give me enthusiasm to carry on through the low times. And even if they don't you can rest-assured that I will continue in the future, even if I take a bit of another break.


Anonymous said...

Sucks to hear about your illness. I think something is trying to choke me off as well...

I can atest to monitor size as an incentive. When I first started NWN2 a year ago, I was running the game on a puny little screen--now, in 1680X1050, I fall in love so easily with the game.

And now is possibly a good time for a break with the holidays right there. :)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Chaos Wielder,

Yes, illness ... makes me sick. ;)

I look forward to my new monitor. Even to see how the games look will be an encouragement ... unless it messes with all my new GUI's. ;)


E.C.Patterson said...

I went from a 19 inch to a wide-screen 22 inch a few months backand it made a world of difference for working in the toolset.

Something that will lift your spirits for sure. :)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi E.C. Patterson,

My monitor turned up yesterday, and after just a quick look, it does indeed make the prospect of working with the toolset a lot exciting and accessible. :)

There is one dead pixel on the thing though, which is a little disappointing ... but then again, you do have to look for it most of the time.