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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Souls Awakening! (ADV)

And so the Soul Shaker module begins ....

As you may or may not know, I have been eagerly awaiting the start of this module for my group of players for years, ever since I first came up with the idea in October 2004! Since that time, however, I have lost two members of my group, but, in turn, have gratefully received a new member: Geoff (known to the Bioware forums as Quillmaster) . It means I now have three players who have started the Soul Shaker adventure with me as their DM.

Last week was a bit of a disaster when it came to the module changeover as you may recall, but I am very pleased to announce that this week went smooth as silk, as the saying goes. There were absolutely no issues during the session, although this should come as no surprise considering all the testing the module received and the large number of fixes I made for it since it was released on the Vault.

Basically, the session went very well, and I was pleased at how well the players quickly adapted to the "real time" combat, the first experience of such within the Althéa Campaign. A lot of the time was also spent in getting to grips with the differences that the demi-plane threw at them with regards to their PC's nature and development. It was interesting for me as a DM watching them learning to adapt to the strange situation and begin to understand the various roles each of them could adopt to help survive. I look forward to the next time we play, which may be as early as next week or the week after, subject to player availability. Either way, if it is as fun as it was this week, then I will be pleased. Read about this week's session in the synopsis at the website. For those players interested in keeping a copy of the previous chapter of the adventure, the download for the collection of synopses for Torén Norus is now available from here.

You will notice that the normal XP and TIME details in the header to the synopsis brief are different this week. This is because XP is calculated differently within the demi-plane and that it is only relevant at the end of the module. Therefore, I will display the heroes current "Realm Level" instead. Furthermore, TIME does not flow at the same rate as it does within the Prime Material Plane, and therefore, this too becomes an irrelevance. For this reason, TIME will always be displayed as UNKNOWN. Not even the ratio of time flow is currently known.


"As the combination locked door opened, however, a small group of undead humanoid creatures spotted the heroes from the other side, and immediately lurched towards the heroes screaming, "Give me flesh!"

Grimbold shouted an immediate retreat, but in the confusion Myara thought it was for the attack and dived into the undead group even before she had readied her club. Fortunately, Karasten mustered his will to deliver a "Spirit Attack" and found he successfully started to deliver bolts of energy towards the undead enemy. Realizing what had happened, Grimbold turned back and went to the halfling's aid." Read more here.

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