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Monday, 24 March 2008

The Next Stage

I am pleased to report that I am almost at the end of writing my NWN2 XML tutorial. I am just going through some last minute proof reading and, hopefully, will be able to upload it onto the Vault later today. I decided to change some of the terminology I have been using again, so that it reads closer to that already being used for the code by others. I considered that if I tried going too far with my own words, it may only serve to confuse the reader when it came to referring to other sources.

The Life Essence System

Once that is done, I intend do some more work on the Life Essence system. As readers who have been following the blog will know, Life Essence is something new to the new era of Althéa and a product of The Changing and the disappearance of Colour Magik. It is the source of power by which everything about life is altered and grows.

I have already considered one of its functions that I wish to develop, and now just have to see if it is practical, not only from a gaming perspective but also a scripting one. In this case, it is the Life Essence's ability to transform the mundane into the magikal! The normal Item Creation Feats will remain as normal, but the Life Essence system offers a way for the player to circumvent the system if they are prepared to pay the price! Some players may take up the opportunity to do this, whereas others may consider Life Essence too valuable for other projects to consider "wasting" it on such things. As I progress, you will learn more ....

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