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Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Adventure Continues .... 16. The Deeper Dungeons. (MP Loading, Puzzle & New Mod Support. Show GUI Updated.)

Another successful session, allowing me the opportunity to refine some of the existing code, improve MP performance & gameplay, and continue to prepare for any future modules. Basically, this latest report is less about fixes (I fixed one typo in a conversation with Sebastion) and more about new beneficial code. Check out the news below and catch up with the heroes adventures as normal.

The List of Updates

1) MECHANISM PUZZLE MP SUPPORT: My player on the WAN asked if I could include the "mechanism" puzzle in the MP puzzle support. I have already made the "Ripped" and "Cypher" puzzles MP compatible (in that they are viewed by all players at the same time), and now I have managed to add the "Mechanism" to that list. As usual, the observing player can "cancel" out of observing if they wish, but can otherwise be part of the puzzle by default. I have kept a number of the puzzles to be one player at a time, simply due to the complexity and potential pitfuls of coding such for MP.

2) MP LOADING: Although most won't see the benefits (if playing SP), I have managed to improve the way a MP session loads depending upon whether the host is a DM or not. Basically, if a DM is present as the host, the code now ensures the companions are ready to be taken back on board by any player who enters the game after the DM has first connected. Alternatively, if there is no DM, then the designated player leader (host) loads as normal and all PCs now reattach themselves to the appropriate player.

3) BETWEEN MODULE VARIABLE SUPPORT: I have managed to add some code that enables me to bring across variables from one module into any later modules. I used the "items in container" method, that works behind the scenes as the player moves from one module to another. It works fine, and now just awaits full usage as I continue to prepare the new module for the players who either play the first mod (including having a final save game if present), as well as those players who wish to start the later modules without having to go through the first again. It's fairly stable now, but I need to tidy up what I intend to allow to bring across and what is removed ... and then start the plot lines proper. (NOTE: The current module version is also now shown in the Main Menu.)

4) SHOW GUI TOOL: I decided to rework the SHOW GUI tool to be able to provide a quick way for players to have all their PCs "follow" or "stand ground". (An ability not unlike the Dragon Age 1 GUI offered under the player portraits.) Check out my instruction scroll screenshot for the updated GUI, with all that it now encompasses:-

The New Show GUI Instruction Interface

The Heroes Enter The Deeper Dungeons
These Goblins Are Somewhat Tougher!
Karasten Clears The Way of Obstacles ... With A Blast!

The Adventure Continues ... 16. The Deeper Dungeons.

Who Needs Maths!?

NB: Contains spoilers for ALL backgrounds.

The heroes examined the wall that was currently still blocking their way to the deeper dungeons and noticed that a small alcove in the wall was being concealed by an illusion. It did not take them long to see past this and recognise a mechanism within the alcove that was the key to removing the wall once and for all. Myara instantly got to work on the coded mechanism .... and quite a while later was still working at it. "I never thought I would need maths to bypass a lock" the halfling rogue said, and was grateful that she at least had other skills that helped her to not be under pressure from any timed mechanism reaction. Eventually, Myara cracked the code, and the wall dissipated, leaving the heroes a way to the deeper dungeon levels.

Upon reaching the lower level, the heroes were overcome by a magikal fear, which Karasten, Elana and Myara all failed to shake, leaving them somewhat compromised in their abilities. Thankfully, the main fighters worked through the fear and shook it off.

Sebastion quickly spoke up, "We need to find a key. That's what this level is all about!" After a brief discussion, the heroes recognised that the Editor had added some complications of more chambers to the level, making their task somewhat more difficult than it should have otherwise been. Nevertheless, they needed the key and so Helden led the heroes forward in their search.

It was not long before the heroes encountered more goblins; but this time, the goblins appeared stronger than before and more tactical in their use of magic. And while still not a huge threat, the extra spell power the heroes needed to overcome this enemy, and heal wounds, started to dig deeper into their resources than previous encounters.

Battle after battle, the heroes fought off the goblins, making slow progress through these deeper chambers. At one passageway, the heroes noticed some precariously placed barrels, that could be made to explode with only a few arrow shots. Another time, the passageway suddenly became dark as some unknown power extinguished the nearby wall lamps. In all, they fought quite a number of goblins and searched a number of side chambers, but so far, they had been unable to locate the key they searched for ... but, by Helden's reckoning, there was still a large section of these lower chambers to search.

GAME TIME SINCE START: 27 Hours 24 Minutes.

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