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Saturday, 24 November 2018

The Adventure Continues ... 3. Quick Gold! (V2.12 Made Available)

The latest session went reasonably well for us. We had made the decision to restart (again) and play with the latest v2.11, which was the latest version with the store fixes at the time. Because, v2.11 had included a number of module changes (conversations), it made sense to bite the bullet and go for the restart with the newer module files. The reworking of the store files turned out to be a success for the player on WAN, as well as the LAN connection I had managed to test earlier. There were still a couple of remaining/new issues, but these were easily worked around for us, and have already been fixed in v2.12 that we will start from next time.

NB: Due to a problem with the RULE TAB (See below), the latest v2.12 fixed that problem (introduced with v2.11) and was made available immediately; replacing the v2.11. This means new players will have access to all the latest fixes to date, including the ones we discovered this session:-

The List of Fixes

NB: The fixes I have made in this v2.12 update address a couple of minor ones that were introduced with v2.11 and some quest logic corrections and updates that will be appreciated in both SP and MP games.

1) STORES: Importantly, the latest versions (v2.11 and v2.12) have made vast improvements in performance and fixes around the use of stores. Previously, v2.11 had removed massive memory leaks, and the latest v2.12 fixes the “direct switch” action where a player may click between vendors without going through a conversation. These fixes alone would warrant an update to this latest version whether playing SP or MP.

2) COMPANIONS IN MP: On the back of deprecating the PLOT ITEM code, I managed to fix the companion of another player being unavailable if a second player joined a server before the player who owned the companions. (The server could crash if the second player tried speaking with the companions that did not belong to them.)

3) MISSING RULE TAB: This had just been a silly mistake in the last update (v2.11), and was quickly repaired. Thankfully, nobody had downloaded v2.11 at this time and so will not be seen.

4) QUEST LOGIC: I noticed one quest (in a a rare circumstance related to stores) would return an erroneous journal entry. This has been removed. Another minor quest has had a conversation updated to allow immediate response rather than have to restart the conversation with an NPC if an item had already been found.

5) DM STUFF: I fixed a missing calendar GUI for the DM, because he did not receive it correctly at the time. Removed the risk of DM accidentally overwriting the STORED TEST of players.

6) DEBUG & OTHER: Fixed a TYPO. Reworked the CHAT toggle option for MP again, as one player was still suffering from having to repeatedly hut the window when entering a new area. Hopefully squashed now. (UPDATE: Had to do some more before this was finally squashed. Will be available in next update.) Removed some DEBUG lines related to the STORE testing.

The Heroes Haggle Over New Equipment

The Adventure Continues ... 3. Quick Gold!

Groundhog Day .... and beyond ...

NB: Contains spoilers for Option 1 background.

Before continuing with our story, I would like to point out a couple of minor differences that the players experienced in their play that returned them to where they had reached previously ...

1) On entering the village, the heroes ran into a snotty kid who asked where they had come from. After the brief encounter, the heroes were left with an understanding that the village had been encapsulated within a barrier. This now makes logical sense to their adventures and conversations with reference to a barrier, which was the title of last week's adventure blog: Trapped!

2) Just prior to coming into the village, the players found a "doll" near the river by the bridge. A little bit of meta-gaming I guess, as the players were aware that they were going to be on the look out for a doll if they picked up the same quest as last time. They did pick up the quest again, and were quickly rewarded with a Chameleon Stone that Myara, after taking a trap hit on her first attempt to open it, then managed to successfully resolve it and was rewarded with a magikal dagger! (This potential action of other players gave me the head's up regarding giving the immediate conversation response, as in item 4 above.)

3) This time around the players discovered more information at the village obelisk, and found and repaired a ripped scroll (puzzle) that they spotted near the village Notice Board. (Extra effects had been added in patch v2.11 to help in this.) Once the ripped scroll was put back together, another quest was added to their journal.

Apart from these few differences, the players quickly found themselves back in the same position as the last session, ready to purchase items from the local traders. This time, however, they had the magik dagger to hand, which they sold to make some quick gold: around 383 gp, which they helped equip the entire party, including Threska, their new partner cleric.

Now, both rested and equipped, the heroes had more quests to complete!

TOTAL SESSION TIME: 2 Hrs 22 Minutes. (A complete session.)

Again, we took our time; especially spending time at the stores and ensuring everybody was properly equipped. (There was also one need of a reload during this time, as a conversation bug caused players to lose control of their PCs. See item 1 above.) A quick reload from just prior the bug though and we were able to workaround the issue until I fixed it for the next session.

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