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Thursday, 12 May 2016

RELEASED: The Scroll (The First Day)


The Scroll has finally been released. You can read more about it and grab the files from here:- http://neverwinterva...2/module/scroll

There are a total of FIVE compressed files containing all the data you will need to install and play (as long as you own NWN2 and both expansions). Please follow the installation instructions carefully, and use the Quickstart Guide (contained within the Information.rar file) to ensure you have installed everything correctly and that the game starts as it should.

NOTE: Regrettably, no MAC beta tester was able to get this module to work on their computer. If you are a MAC user and succeed, then please report back to me so that I can update the instructions advising how other MAC users can install and play the module.


I have to recognise that some minor issues will still remain in this final release, and wanted to encourage players to report anything they may find, so that I can address them as required. NOTE: I will update this post with issues found and inform you when they are fixed. However, no patch will be uploaded unless the issue is game-breaking. Therefore, some issues will remain in place until either a ) A game breaking issue is reported, or b ) A significant amount of time has passed allowing all to be reported. At which time, a patch will be uploaded for current players, and the main files updated.

To this end, I will start an "issue" list, detailing the date discovered and what the issue is. When the issue is covered in a patch, it will be struck through.


5/5/16 - The wording "Map Pins" is used to describe part of the Main Menu in an opening GUI. This is no longer an appropriate description. (FIXED v1.01)
5/5/16 - The Main PC was not being issued any starting gold. (Other created PCs were OK.) (FIXED v1.01)


LATEST PATCH DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK (CURRENT v1.01) (65 KB): http://neverwinterva...1.rar&nid=22258

Any patch file added as a download is only required if your version of the module is lower than the patch version. i.e. If you are only just downloading the latest version of the module to play now, then you will NOT require any new patch file at this stage, as your download will already contain the latest scripts. However, once installed, it is *VERY IMPORTANT* to make sure your game is always patched to the latest version. Therefore, keep track of the current patch version in case it is higher than your current module version. Note that the hak patch only addresses essential game-breaking bugs, which are mostly campaign ( C ) scripts. Any module ( M ) fixes, considered non-essential, are only updated for the latest module version uploaded. The differences in the module files should be overlooked by the player unless they are prepared to restart The Scroll completely afresh with the latest files, which would not be worth the time already played for the small differences they might make on a restart.

INSTALLATION: Simply download, unpack and replace the existing althea_patch.hak with this latest version before restarting NWN2. The latest version will always include previous patches and be backward compatible.

VERIFICATION: When you reload your latest saved game, the module should welcome you again, and inform you of the latest patch update. This figure can also be found from the Althéa Main Menu ("Rule Information" section).


v1.01 - Fixed containers ( C ). Fixed licquor cabinets & light flicker ( M ).

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