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Monday, 19 January 2015

Back On Track Again

Time for another update ... and the first for this year. Probably like most NWN builders, I have a paper notebook in which I keep a list of all those bits and pieces I need to do. Items get added or removed from that list as I go about designing the module, make changes or mark things as completed. My goal for this year is to NOT add anything else to that list at all ... and to concentrate on finishing those final stages to get this module ready for BETA, and perhaps, even its release.

There always seems to be new obstacles at times trying to hamper progress, but while they may slow me down, I am still committed to finishing this module. At the risk of repeating myself, all the core code is now in place and it is just a matter of me adding content. However, I now have to add content with respect to my own systems as well. E.g. Monsters that may appear in the bestiary and spells need code adding to work with the various systems I have relating to spell usage.

As a whole, I only have four quests lines to finish and then I am done! Occasionally, I do still find I come across small problems like the flute animation issue I have posted about recently, but overall, I am still making progress. So, just to say, it's a new year and I am back on track again!

Not Much Further Now!

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